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"Zappa" Coffee and sweets shop

Zaporishya Ukraine

Belenko Studio


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“Zappa” is a little café located on the groundfloor at the place of a former apartment. The last one was replanned, window and door openings were modified. The designers had to create a public space within a very limited area, so it was accurately zoned with an attention to all the details.

“Zappa” has a spirit of a small American coffee shop that sells both coffee and sweets. In this project we used our originally designed lamps, furniture and self-manufactured cement floor tiles.


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"Zappa" Coffee and sweets shop
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    Denis Belenko, designer; Andrey Bondarenko, designer; Elena Zarvigorova, architect; Pavel Babienko, visualizer and photogrpher; Olga Zotova, project coordinator
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