Building Codes


Building Codes

  • No-Burn Plus

    A coating that carries a Class A fire rating and can reduce toxic smoke by 80 percent.

  • Carrier Corp. AquaForce 30XW Chiller

    Carrier Corp.’s new system, the AquaForce 30XW water-cooled screw chiller, produces hot water at a controlled temperature to maximize heat recovery and increase the overall system efficiency, says the company.

  • Tarco LeakBarrier PS200MU

    Tarco’s LeakBarrier PS200MU Ice and Water Armor is a self-adhesive, glass fiber reinforced, modified, bituminous underlayment designed specifically for metal roofing.

  • International Green Construction Code Released

    The International Code Council released the International Green Construction Code Public Version 1.0 for review and comment.

  • We Can Live With Calgreen

    The New State Building Code is Not an Insurmountable Barrier—Nor a Panacea

  • “House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage,” National Building Museum

    “House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage,” the first major exhibition devoted to the typology, reveals a 100-year history marked by innovations.

  • Wall System Provides Thermal Barrier

    Dow Building Solutions has introduced the THERMAX Wall System for use on commercial steel-stud buildings.

  • Canada Uses Six Principles for Healthy Building Envelope

    Within the Ottawa, Ontario-based Canada Green Building Council’s LEED program, Materials and Resources credit 8 for Durable Buildings encourages these performance objectives. MRc8 contributes 1 point to the building’s LEED rating but more importantly provides a six-step process to prevent...

  • Alliance Reaches Out

    Jeffrey Harris, vice president for programs for the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance to Save Energy, discusses the organization's purpose and goals.

  • Unwanted Sound

    How big a problem is noise pollution?



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