Building Codes


Building Codes

  • Measuring Compliance

    Roger Chang, the director of sustainability at Westlake Reed Leskosky, looks at the path ahead for energy codes, standards, and benchmarking.

  • Exhibit: Designing Tomorrow

    The National Building Museum hosts an exhibit about the six world's fairs held in the U.S. in the 1930s.

  • The International Green Construction Code Promises to Change the Way We Build

    A new green code is working its way through the approval process. Now is the time for architects to get involved.

  • U.S. Mayors Endorse Green Building Code

    On June 14, the U.S. Conference of Mayors endorsed the International Green Construction Code, a new, comprehensive green building code authored by the International Code Council.

  • Taking the Lead In Government Relationships

    Lucia Athens, former manager of the City of Seattle Green Building Program, explains how architects and designers can foster relationships with their local governments to promote sustainable building.

  • No-Burn Plus

    A coating that carries a Class A fire rating and can reduce toxic smoke by 80 percent.

  • Carrier Corp. AquaForce 30XW Chiller

    Carrier Corp.’s new system, the AquaForce 30XW water-cooled screw chiller, produces hot water at a controlled temperature to maximize heat recovery and increase the overall system efficiency, says the company.

  • Tarco LeakBarrier PS200MU

    Tarco’s LeakBarrier PS200MU Ice and Water Armor is a self-adhesive, glass fiber reinforced, modified, bituminous underlayment designed specifically for metal roofing.

  • International Green Construction Code Released

    The International Code Council released the International Green Construction Code Public Version 1.0 for review and comment.

  • We Can Live With Calgreen

    The New State Building Code is Not an Insurmountable Barrier—Nor a Panacea



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