Concrete Construction


Concrete Construction

  • Strong-Bolt by Simpson Strong-Tie

    Post-installed wedge-type expansion anchor

  • Sustainable Form-Inclusion System

    Skidmore, Owings & Merrill design a prototype system that uses plastic bottles, bags, and other compressed waste to lighten and fill spaces in concrete slabs.

  • Lightweight Concrete for Architectural Panels

    Sonoma Cast Stone has made its Classic Concrete and NuCrete versions of EarthCrete available for architectural-panel applications.

  • EARTHcrete From Sonoma Cast Stone

    EARTHcrete by Sonoma Cast Stone uses a high amount of recycled materials, such as paper fiber, glass and ceramics, in place of portland cement to make concrete.

  • Countertops And Sinks From New River Concrete

    New River Concrete Countertops and Sinks are made of sand and gravel from the New River, which runs through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces

    Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces are sustainable, cement-based slabs available for countertops, vanities, shower panels, floor tiles, bookshelves and more.

  • Cement Learns a Few New Tricks

    A plant that uses the pollution from a power plant or other factory to create green cement, with a natural inspiration.

  • Carbon Fiber Grid Reinforced Precast Concrete

    The problem of corrosion in precast concrete is often attributed to the steel rebar reinforcement; steel being a corrodible material, it is especially vulnerable during the curing and drying process, when it is locked into an environment that is very wet.

  • Thin Is In, Abroad

    Fiber-reinforced ductal concrete is the miracle material that not enough people are talking about.

  • Walk This Way

    Walter Reed's new gait lab helps soldiers regain mobility post-combat.



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