Design Fees


Design Fees

  • Call for Entries for the 2015 AIA COTE Top Ten Awards and Top Ten + Award

    The awards program recognizes projects that exemplify excellence in sustainable design.

  • Florida Polytechnic University, Designed by Santiago Calatrava

    The architect's Innovation, Science and Technology Building will be the focal point of a campus being built around his vision.

  • Mastering the Post-Loss Debrief

    There’s nothing worse than losing a competition that you thought your firm would win. Except for failing to find out why.

  • A New Open-Source Platform Offers Free Blueprints

    Paperhouses founder, Joana Pacheco, wants to provide an alternative in a market serving real-estate developers by offering free blueprints for houses that can be constructed for less than $300,000.

  • Making the Case for Higher Fees

    Architects have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more.

  • A Better Value

    Two infamous Justice Department consent decrees, from 1971 and 1990, prohibit architects from setting fees. Afraid of straying into illegal territory, practitioners have largely avoided shop talk ever since. But now, a growing movement of architects is finding legal ground to reshape the...

  • Follow the Money

    Looking for a way to increase your billings? Green construction can put more green in your pocket.

  • Design Camp

    Few high schoolers receive architecture lessons, so how can they know what studying for a B.Arch. is really like? To get an idea, they can attend one of the summer design programs held at a number of U.S. universities. We profile three.

  • Risk vs. Reward

    To get new business, firms are devoting more resources to upfront design work. It's a calculated gamble that doesn't always pay off.

  • Bargain-Basement Bids: Necessary Evil or Necessary for Survival?

    The second installment of our series on architectural fees finds that increased competition for even the smallest of projects is leading firms to slash rates. But have things gone too far?



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