Design Fees


Design Fees

  • Architectural Fees: What's Your Time Worth?

    In the first article of a three-part series on how much architects should charge for architectural fees, we learn why the fixed-fee model has the most traction—not that it's easy to calculate.

  • Don't Forget: Architecture Is a Service Industry

    If you offer thoughtful service in addition to good design, not only will customers return for more, they'll be your firm's best advocates, too.

  • Back to School, Sorta: Enrichment Programs for Professionals

    If you want to build your knowledge and skill set without re-enrolling in college, there are evening, weekend, and short-stay programs that can help you do that.

  • The Fee Conundrum

    Should you reduce your fees in the face of a recession, or do you have options?

  • Can You Pay My Bills?

    Elyse Engelhardt is neither an architect nor an accountant, but that didn't stop her from becoming the chief financial officer of high-flying New York firm Fox & Fowle Architects (FXFowle Architects since 2005).

  • Architecture for Sale: Cool Market?

    What price great design? Three recent auctions of top-shelf architecture suggest "too much."

  • Flying High

    When traveling for projects is the norm, keeping costs under control can be a challenge.



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