Detention Projects


Detention Projects

  • Morning News Roundup: Greenhouse Proposal for Candlestick Park

    Paul Goldberger on Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton, Philip Kennicott on Foster's CityCenterDC, and a proposal to convert an old stadium into a greenhouse.

  • AIACollaboration: Model Building

    Are justice facilities and public–private partnerships a natural fit?

  • Should Architects Design Prisons?

    Raphael Sperry wants to ban architects from designing death chambers and solitary confinement cells. Karrie Jacobs covers whether the architect's campaign can help create a more humane prison system.

  • Lines of Inquiry

    An architecture student going where the evidence takes her.

  • Pivot Points

    Adapting prisons for a changing social landscape.

  • Back to School

    OMA’s Milstein Hall reveals and relishes in the problem of creating architecture about architecture.

  • Rework, Repurpose, Revitalize

    In certain sectors, says DLR Group's Griff Davenport, capital-improvement projects can offer steady work, even in a recession.

  • Tear Down This Wall

    There are many reasons why building a wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico won't work.

  • The Future of Incarceration

    Justice design has evolved since Jeremy Bentham's revolutionary panopticon. Today's architects want to create jails that aren't punishing to live in -- or look at.



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