• Q&A: John D'Amico

    This designer was elected to the City Council of West Hollywood, Calif., in part because of his views on the built environment.

  • Lightness of Being

    Local needs bolster a national trend to redefine healthcare’s physical footprint.

  • A Desire Named Streetcar

    The nation's oldest transit system has lessons for us about planning for tomorrow.

  • Greensboro, N.C., Offers One-Stop Shop for Project Review

    Representatives from all of the city’s planning, zoning, and technical departments are now available for consultation in one office.

  • AIA Announces 2011 Institute Honor Awards

    The AIA has named the winners of the 2011 Institute Honor Awards for architecture, interior architecture, and urban and regional design, and the Twenty-Five Year Award winner.

  • Find Your Inner Scientist: James Freihaut

    The technical director of Penn State's federally funded Energy Innovation Hub describes its research into energy efficiency.

  • Chimpanzees on LSD

    The recent Amendment 4 on the ballot in Florida highlights the problems faced when trying to reform the development process.

  • The Pit That Swallowed a City

    When a town in Sweden began crumbling into a giant crater, the local authorities took action—by convening a global design summit.

  • Fourth Annual R+D Awards

    This year's jury selected 11 winners—ranging from sustainable housing to steam-bending and rubber sinks—based on a combination of performance, aesthetics, and progressive thinking.

  • Brave New Codes

    Promoted by New Urbanists, form-based codes are gaining in popularity around the country. What do they mean for architects?



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