• Heroes, Not Stars

    The architectural profession's value system is undergoing an epochal shift from celebratory-based to collaborative-based.

  • Whither Suburbia

    Joel Kotkin and Christopher Leinberger offer different responses to the question of whether 2008 spelled the end of the suburban dream.

  • Eekonomy

    A look at four quarters' worth of worsening economic indicators.

  • Pricey Gas is Good for Architecture

    Europeans pay far higher fuel taxes than Americans, and not strictly out of necessity.

  • Architecture for Sale: Cool Market?

    What price great design? Three recent auctions of top-shelf architecture suggest "too much."

  • Eine Kleine Schadenfreude

    Architecture is one of humanity's great forms of cultural expression, but it also fulfills a basic human need: the need for shelter.

  • Why Steel Is So Costly

    Blame the upcoming Olympics in China if you want, but the real story on steel pricing these days is much more complicated.



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