Green Building


Green Building

  • Research and Rehabilitation

    The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital takes a holistic and analytical approach to sustainable healthcare design.

  • Healthy By Design

    Healthcare architects are focusing on how their clients' sustainable-building goals overlap with their therapeutic missions.

  • A Natural Stance

    The Bow seeks to redefine the role of sustainability in human wellness and a happier workplace.

  • Second Architecture for Humanity Sustainability Design Fellow Chosen by AIA and USGBC

    Burtland Granvil, AIA, will succeed Stacey McMahan, AIA, at Architecture for Humanity’s rebuilding center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

  • Code Words

    An international green construction code will change the game. Are we ready?

  • In Development

    A discussion with Scot Horst, USGBC senior vice president, LEED.

  • What's In Your Product?

    A designer at BNIM examines the use of environmental product declarations.

  • The Grass Ceiling

    Green roofs are here to stay. But aesthetics and energy savings must be balanced with the practicalities of structure, water, and wear.

  • GSA Finds Green-Building Practices Pay Off

    A white paper details a post-occupancy evaluation study of 22 federal buildings and finds that green-building investments pay off in lower maintenance costs, energy and water use, and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Solar Decathlon Homes Offer Livable Floor Plans, Cool Design

    Collegiate teams used regional vernacular for inspiration.



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