Green Design


Green Design

  • Certified Legal

    Spelling out the letter of the law regarding sustainable design.

  • Best-Laid Plans

    Energy modeling is for everyone and all buildings benefit.

  • VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Energy.Environment.Experiential Learning

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • BIM, Re-Booted

    Building Information Modeling has to keep up if it's going to remain on top.

  • Transforming Medicine

    The new hospital at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center aims to reshape how care is delivered.

  • Research and Rehabilitation

    The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital takes a holistic and analytical approach to sustainable healthcare design.

  • Good Neighbor

    In the mid-2000s, the Central Library in Seattle drew critics' attention, but it's the nearby Ballard Branch Library that attracts environmentalists.

  • Healthy By Design

    Healthcare architects are focusing on how their clients' sustainable-building goals overlap with their therapeutic missions.



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