• Springtime for Speer

    Léon Krier has republished his controversial 1985 book on Albert Speer. In it, Krier attempts to reconcile his contempt for industrialization with his love of the Nazi architect's work.

  • A Very Short History of American Pop-Ups

    D. Grahame Shane tells how the history of American urbanism can be understood as a history of pop-ups at different scales.

  • John Soane’s First House Is For Sale

    The first house that the famous British neoclassicist completed after finishing his Grand Tour is now on the market.

  • For Sale: A House by Gothic Revival Architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

    The last remaining intact building by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, a Gothic Revival rectory, is up for sale.

  • A History of Tension

    Frei Otto's Olympic Stadium for the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, Germany, intimated a future filled with organic and mind-bending forms. Have tensile fabric structures lived up to their promise?

  • Unbuilt Washington

    The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

  • Contemporary Mosque: Placing Worship

    Drawing from African, Turkish, and Spanish influences, architects are pushing mosque design toward the contemporary.

  • Building Blocks

    An excerpt from Blaine Brownell’s new book, Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture, examines mineral use.

  • Book: 'Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark'

    Alcatraz has a history of intrigue, but it also has a history of architectural styles, as documented in a new book by San Francisco architect Donald McDonald.

  • Embracing History

    In a home embedded in the landscape, the Natural History Museum of Utah expands its offerings while minimizing its environmental footprint.



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