• Three Takeaways from NCARB's Webinar on Internship Changes

    The licensing group shared insights on the recently approved modifications to the internship development program that will change the path to licensure.

  • NCARB Board Amends Intern Development Program

    The redesign involves two phases: eliminating required elective hours and realigning the core practice areas with those of a future version of the licensing exam.

  • NCARB and Licensure: Change You Can Believe In

    The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards has endorsed a potentially transformative new path to licensure.

  • Intern Employment Up, Says AIA and NCARB Survey

    Biennial survey shows that more younger architects are employed in the profession than in 2010.

  • India: The Next Big Market

    This country is rebuilding itself, and it needs architects.

  • The Unpaid Staff

    Recent standards released by the U.S. Department of Labor bring some clarity to the hiring and use of interns. But it’s still a tricky issue.

  • The Many Faces of the Intern Development Program

    Four firms share their strategies for ushering the next generation of architects toward licensure.

  • Employee Benefits Can Help Your Firm Retain Staff

    It's tempting for firms to cut incentives in this economic climate, but great benefits can help retain great staff.

  • Salaries Are Rising?

    More and more, as architecture commands ever higher visibility, architects at all levels are finding that the profession can pay well and offer wealth-generating business opportunities, too. Entry-level and midcareer professionals are increasingly respect

  • 2007 Salary Survey

    Architects may be driven by the creative side of the profession, but there's a lot more to running a design firm than indulging the solitary genius. Every talent, no matter how brilliant, needs a supporting cast to shine. A survey of their salaries.



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