• Eliane Ecocement

    Cement made from 20 percent recycled content that contributes to LEED points.

  • The Dispute Over Sustainable Wood

    For years, there has been debate over how the USGBC awards LEED points for sustainably certified wood. Could a resolution be near?

  • The Building's Supposed to Be Green, But ...

    Legal battles over sustainability promises vs. performance are just beginning. But it's not only about design, it's also about contracts, expectations, and money.

  • Is LEED-related litigation ready to tip?

    An industry consultant and strategists asks: Is LEEDigation--litigation involving the green building certification process--about to rise?

  • Sustainability Is More Than 'Design-Speak'

    For architects to discuss green as though it's confined to construction alone hampers their ability to find the broadest avenues to innovation.

  • U.S. Mayors Endorse Green Building Code

    On June 14, the U.S. Conference of Mayors endorsed the International Green Construction Code, a new, comprehensive green building code authored by the International Code Council.

  • Green Persuasion

    Principals from Siegel & Strain Architects and Goring & Straja Architects explore the process of convincing communities to go green.

  • Sustainability Beyond Current Design Practices

    An associate principal and director of research at Busby Perkins+Will examines the challenges of thinking more holistically about a firm's approach to sustainable design.

  • 3form Chroma

    Translucent resin material is LEED certified and comes in more than 10,000 colors.

  • SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion

    If, in this era of declining print subscriptions, executives at the Harvard Business Review want proof that their articles have a direct impact on business, they need look no further than the SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion.



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