Single Family


Single Family

  • AIA COTE 2011 Top Ten Green Projects: OS House

    A single-family residence in Racine, Wisc., designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects.

  • Weekend House on Lake Superior

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Award

  • Superinsulated House

    Dan Rockhill's Studio 804 designed and built a passive house that combines superior insulation and an airtight envelope.

  • Award: R-House

    Designed by two New York architecture firms, the compact R-House offers a prototype for low-energy housing that’s also affordable and adaptable.

  • Cottage

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Citation

  • Y House

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Award: Y House


    By giving away its designs for sustainable single-family housing, FreeGreen is hoping to bring about real change in the sustainability market.

  • We Don't Need More Housing, We Need Smarter Housing

    The NAHB says the best way to kick-start the economy is to build more housing. But we've already got enough right now. Instead, let's make development a smarter, more-sustainable business.

  • Nest House

    2009 P/A Awards citation: Nest House, by Naylor & Chu Architects.

  • Venturi House on Jersey Shore May Fall

    Unable to find a buyer who would like to preserve it, the owner of Robert Venturi's Lieb House, in Loveladies, N.J., has entered into a contract with a person interested only in the land the home sits on.