Urban Design


Urban Design

  • Bike Garden Bike Rack, Forms+Surfaces

    Inspired by the shape of plant shoots and stems, this flexible bike rack allows users to secure a bicycle at multiple points.

  • Bicilinea, Santa & Cole

    A simple and elegant rack that oversee the security of bicycles.

  • BIG Talk From the 2013 AIA Convention

    ARCHITECT senior editor Katie Gerfen talks to Kai-Uwe Bergmann, AIA, of Bjarke Ingels Group about the Superkilen park in Copenhagen.

  • New Renderings Released for Chicago’s Navy Pier

    James Corner Field Operations, head of a team that won a 2012 bid for the Navy Pier redevelopment, reveals its latest designs for the landmark Chicago waterfront site, which will celebrate its centennial in 2016.

  • Spacial Politics and Food

    Food service is crowding out retail in well-to-do parts of America's downtowns, while poor city areas suffer from a lack of food availability.

  • Edmund Bacon Biography by Gregory Heller

    Ed Bacon: Planning, Politics and the Building of Modern Philadelphia, a new biography by Gregory L. Heller, explores his role as a Philadelphia planner and as a third way between the visions of Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses.

  • Utopian and Dystopian City Models by Three Artists

    Carl Laubin, Cyprien Gaillard, and Nicolas Moulin each make art that envisions the cities of their (sometimes dark) dreams.

  • Rethinking the Rezoning of Midtown

    Midtown may not be everyone's vision of an ideal city, but New York risks ruining the metropolitan dream that Manhattan represents by rezoning Midtown.

  • Boston Under Lockdown

    ARCHITECT blogger Aaron Betsky is in Boston, where the manhunt for the surviving Boston Marathon bomber has prompted Boston and federal authorities to impose an unprecedented lockdown.

  • Bordeaux Region to Build OMA-Designed Urban Development

    The five-year tramway extension will allow tram- and pedestrian-oriented development to grow in the southeast portion of Bordeaux.



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