Table of Contents October 2006



  • Letter From Frank Anton

    ARCHITECT will be about architecture and buildings, but above all it will be—as its name implies—about you and your life's work.

  • For Starters

    An introduction from the editor in the premiere issue of Architect magazine.



  • Seven-Point Perspective

    ARCHITECT gathered in Chicago with a group of academics and practitioners from different regions of the country and steps on the career ladder and asked them to share their personal goals and their perceptions of the state of the profession.

  • Architecture of Democracy

    American architecture embodies the ideals of democracy for which our revolution was fought and our Constitution created.

  • Box Office

    Rand Elliott rethinks the office box in Oklahoma City.

  • Zip-Tie Tek: The Ties that Bind

    By paying attention to his instincts, Ammar Eloueini now stands among the leaders of the digital design revolution, testing the limits of form and training the next generation of software-savvy designers.




Screen Capture

Other Articles

  • Memphis, Tenn.

    For most of the '60s and '70s, Memphis sang the blues as residents fled and downtown declined. Today, about $3 billion has been invested in the city's renaissance.




  •, the internet presence of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), reflects the inner workings of an architecture firm—its internal research, its water cooler epiphanies, and even its aborted projects.



  • Chicago Condos

    Design quality resumes its place in the residential development formula.



  • The Program Program

    Built on the BIM revolution, Trelligence's Affinity may be the first software of its kind, designed specifically to address the programming stage of planning, designing, and constructing a building.


Other Articles

  • America Circa 2030: The Boom To Come

    In 2030, there will be 106.8 billion square feet of new development, about 46 percent more built space than existed in 2000—a remarkable amount of construction to occur within a generation.



Object Lesson

  • Object Lesson: Fortune's Bold Forecast

    The fine lithographs in Fortune magazine captured the transition from agrarian to urban America and put a spotlight on architecture, just as tall buildings began to rise.






  • Dirk Denison

    Dirk Denison discusses the pros and cons of double duty as architect and developer with ARCHITECT.