Table of Contents February 2007



  • Face of the Nation

    As 2006 wound down, eyebrows and blood pressures shot up nationwide in response to rumors that the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) had tapped classicist Thomas Gordon Smith as its new chief architect.



  • Classical Made New

    David Schwarz's Schermerhorn hall builds on Nashville's civic legacy.

  • City of the Future

    In November and December last year, The History Channel convened design teams from three U.S. cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York—and asked them to imagine the architectural and engineering marvels that will define their cities a hundred years from now.

  • America's First Cathedral

    John G. Waite Associates restores Baltimore's Basilica of the Assumption according to the intentions of architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

  • The GSA Man

    Meet Les Shepherd, new chief architect of the U.S. General Services Administration.




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Other Articles

  • Oahu, Hawaii

    Oahu is a nearly 600-square-mile island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is dealing with decidedly urban issues such as traffic jams and energy dependence.



Best Practices


  • Florida Bauhaus

    Terence Riley and John Bennett find inspiration in the legacy of Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe.



  • Joint Sealants

    When joints fail, leaks and damage to buildings follow. this technical review of sealants can help ensure that your buildings stay tight and dry.



Object Lesson



  • Exhibits

    A survey of exhibits in art and architecture.



  • Charles Leeks

    As head of Chicago's north Lawndale office of neighborhood housing services, Charles Leeks plans to revitalize a community by celebrating its iconic architecture.