Table of Contents January 2007



  • What Does Progressive Mean?

    Fifty-four years have passed since the editors of Progressive Architecture magazine hosted the first P/A Awards jury.


P/A Awards

  • 54th Annual P/A Awards

    Every year, five respected members of the design community sit down in a room for two days to determine the current meaning of the words “progressive architecture” and select projects that fit their definition.

  • University of Arkansas Community Design Center

    P/A for the Good Shepherd Ecumenical Retirement Community by the University of Arkansas Community Design Center.

  • Studio Luz Architects

    P/A citation for the Campus d'Espoir (campus of hope) by Studio Luz Architects.

  • Hashim Sarkis

    P/A citation for the Bab Tebbaneh School for Working Children and for Women by Hashim Sarkis.

  • Hariri Pontarini Architects

    P/A award for the Bahá'í Mother Temple for South America by Hariri Pontarini Architects.

  • Office dA

    P/A award for the Villa Moda, New Kuwait Sports Shooting Club by Office dA

  • Michael Maltzan Architecture

    P/A award for the Pittman Dowell Residence by Michael Maltzen Architecture

  • Aziza Chaouni

    hybrid urban sutures: filling in the gaps in the medina of fez

  • Marc Boutin Architect

    P/A award for the Calgary Centre for Global Community




Screen Capture

Other Articles

  • Cleveland

    The many amenities Cleveland has to offer is helping the city, an often-overlooked Midwest gem, recover from a decades-long economic slump.



Best Practices


  • Letter From San Diego

    Five years after the landmark city of villages initiative was launched, the ambitious plan has stumbled on its way to reality.



  • Behnisch Architects

    A German firm hit the green-building sweet spot when it transferred its sustainable expertise stateside.



Object Lesson




  • Aziza Chaouni

    Architect Aziza Chaouni won a P/A Award for her research on how to repair the crumbling yet vital medina of Fez, Morocco. She explains her motivation to ARCHITECT.