Table of Contents Spring-Product-Spec-Guide 2007



  • The Neuroscience of Building Products

    Every issue of the Product Spec Guides will identify the latest trends and technologies in the development, manufacture, sales, and distribution of building products.



  • Franco Bianchi

    The president and CEO of Haworth on how his furniture company is rethinking the office.



  • Forward Thinking

    A call for entries for the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

  • Ample Samples

    Several companies offer tools to streamline the process of selecting materials—employing emerging sustainable technologies, online access, and critical insight to sort through and reduce the growing piles of product samples in every office corner.

  • Cool Roof

    New products abound at the International Roofing Expo

  • Samples

    If buildings are responsible for 48 percent of annual greenhouse-gas emissions, then it's the responsibility of the building industry to reverse global warming.



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