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R+D Awards

  • Denver Filter

    What began as an exercise in designing a new recycling kiosk for downtown Denver became a larger meditation on the solid waste collection systems of modern cities, resulting in the design of a large-scale system for moving waste.

  • Carbon Fiber Grid Reinforced Precast Concrete

    The problem of corrosion in precast concrete is often attributed to the steel rebar reinforcement; steel being a corrodible material, it is especially vulnerable during the curing and drying process, when it is locked into an environment that is very wet.

  • Slide Library, Columbia University

    One of Columbia University's newest facilities has a very specialized purpose: the storage and conservation of projection slides, a staple of art history and archaeology instruction. In this project, architects Marble Fairbanks created an enclosure for th

  • Inland Steel Restoration

    Skidmore, Owings & Merrill is revisiting one of its seminal projects of the 1950s, the Inland Steel Building. The firm has been asked to renovate the Chicago landmark into an office hotel, a building type that offers potential tenants a sustainable and fu

  • Hover

    Designed as a temporary canopy for the DesCours festival, an annual weeklong celebration of design sponsored by AIA New Orleans, Hover is a luminous canopy featuring both LEDs and photovoltaic cells that power them. Höweler + Yoon designed Hover—an entire

  • Living City

    Living City explores the notion that building façades and access to fresh air are the frontiers of public space in urban areas—that in the future, façades will belong to and serve residents as streets and parks do today. To that end, architects David Benj

  • Artificial Leaf

    Set to be deployed as a nontraditional façade for the planned Hotel Forest in Barcelona, the Artificial Leaf is a draping system of light-emitting modules suspended on steel mesh. The scheme is based on the analogy that if a city is a forest, each buildin

  • A Surface of Points

    Architect Eric Owen Moss uses glass rods not just for their formal properties, but as structural components. The result is A Surface of Points, a system of deep cable trusses that incorporate glass tubes as compression members.

  • Drape Wall / Cloak Wall

    Two discrete wall systems based on the same concept of modularity, Drape Wall and Cloak Wall both provide alternatives to stick construction for single-family homes.

  • Second Annual R+D Awards

    Architecture has evolved, judging from the winners of our second annual R+D Awards. Witness a façade that breathes, a recycling network based on the human intestinal tract, an exterior lighting system inspired by photosynthesis, and other such wonders. If


Local Market

  • Las Cruces, N.M.

    You could say Las Cruces is under siege, invaded by hordes of military families and active seniors. As a result, development and home construction are up.



  • Deadly Work

    In 2006 construction was the top U.S. industry for on-the-job fatalities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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Other Articles




Other Articles


Other Articles

  • Here's Hoping

    University of Miami students designed a new campus for a plantation site in Charleston, but preservation politics will teach restraint.

  • Do You Speak Sanskrit?

    A new book unlocks the complexities of medieval Indian architecture.

  • Extra Credit

    A banker explains how to obtain and manage a line of credit for your firm.