Table of Contents December 2008



  • Time for a Change

    Welcome to the Age of Austerity. The moralizing backlash against the architectural excesses of recent years has already begun.




  • Prepared for Takeoff

    Constructed next to Eero Saarinen's historic TWA terminal, and respectful of it, the new JetBlue Terminal 5 is as operational as it is elegant.

  • How Are You Feeling?

    ARCHITECT's 2008 Confidence Survey reveals a profession very nervous about its present and near future.

  • Projects of the Year

    Seven critics from around the country nominate their favorite buildings of 2008.

  • Year of the Dragon

    With the Olympics behind it, what does the future hold for China?

  • Flip a Strip

    The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's Flip a Strip design competition was perfectly timed.

  • Whither Suburbia

    Joel Kotkin and Christopher Leinberger offer different responses to the question of whether 2008 spelled the end of the suburban dream.

  • Palladio at 500

    It's been half a millennium since Andrea Palladio's birth. Is he still relevant to architecture?

  • HABS at 75

    The Historic American Buildings Survey stays relevant three-quarters of a century after its creation.

  • The Seagram at 50

    Would Phyllis Lambert commission the Seagram Building again if she had the chance?

  • Visible Man

    David Adjaye's rise as the first black starchitect offers the possibility of success to all.

  • Temple Standoff

    The 11th century Khmer temple Preah Vihear gets caught in a geopolitical struggle.

  • Mommie Dearest

    Build all the LEED buildings you want - climate change is already happening. Meet the new enemy, Mother Nature.

  • Il Maestro

    Renzo Piano Workshop has become the McKim, Mead, and White of the 21st century.

  • Eekonomy

    A look at four quarters' worth of worsening economic indicators.

  • The Comeback Kid

    Adrian Smith didn't want to retire. Turns out his clients didn't want him to, either.

  • Peak Oil

    Can green design and thoughtful urbanism save Dubai?

  • Deferred Maintenance

    The U.S. hasn't done an adequate job of keeping its national house in good working condition.


Local Market

  • Oakland, Calif.

    After years of struggling, Oakland is taking back and revitalizing urban areas with a series of transit-oriented development projects.



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Other Articles

  • Free-Form Mason

    In the hands of MIT associate professor and MacArthur fellow John Ochsendorf, masonry leaves the history books and becomes a new means for economic empowerment and sustainability.



Other Articles


  • The Rebuilder: John Jeanes

    The director of restoration for Montpelier discusses the evolution in construction techniques used on James Madison's great estate.


Other Articles

  • Crit: Looks Good, Good for You

    Modernist housing pojects have been blamed for social ills, but Berlin's interwar social housing is a beacon of good design and worthy of its World Heritage status.

  • Test Prep

    Strategies for passing the LEED exam on the first try.