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  • People Who Design Glass Houses …

    Daniel Libeskind sparked a blaze in February, when, during a speech in Belfast, he made the following proclamation: “I won't work for totalitarian regimes. Architects should take a more ethical stance.” So how does the Polish-American architect explain th



  • The Light Aquatic

    San Francisco firm tom Eliot Fisch reworks the city's waterfront with a new harbormaster's building.

  • A Quality Brick Product Depends on Brick Ingredients

    Whatever the desired shape or manufacturing method, making brick depends on brick ingredients: the alchemy of shale, clay, water, and fire.

  • Stop Frame 1979

    Rem Koolhaas' wife, Madelon Vriesendorp, used to be the famous one. An overdue retrospective sheds new light on her quirky architectural vision.

  • Architecture vs. Extremism

    In an age of warring ideologies, can the Aga Khan award for architecture reconcile modernity and tradition in the Islamic world?

  • Richard Morris Hunt, Revisited

    Allan Greenberg architect and KSS architects rework a forgotten building by an American master on the Princeton university campus.

  • The House of Morrison

    Scottish businessmen Sir Fraser and Peter Morrison, who just acquired Hillier, have turned the languishing firm rmjm into a global powerhouse.


Local Market

  • Coral Gables, Fla.

    Coral Gables has always taken development seriously, and if city leaders have their way, it might become a highly sustainable city.



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  • The Patron: Evelyn Deedie Potter Rose

    Good clients of architecture do more than just find a designer to create a building—they are invested in projects from start to finish, says the 2008 honorary AIA recipient.


Other Articles

  • Where Art and Commerce Meet

    Neil Denari's Manhattan condo tower maximizes square footage with its sculptural, structurally expressive form.

  • Automatic Architecture

    The ultimate goal of green building? How about automation?

  • Two If By Sea

    LED cove lighting illuminates the historic architecture of Boston's old north church.

  • Back It Up

    A data backup provider lays out the options for safeguarding your files—and forgetting to isn't one of them.