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  • Raw Materials: Vinyl

    PVC is a common yet controversial plastic used in construction. See how it's made and what happens at the end of its life.

  • Life in a Fishbowl

    Two new LEED-rated dormitories at the Illinois Institute of Technology will monitor energy used by every person in real time?using electronic fish.

  • Tales From the Downturn, Part Four: Dan Probst

    According to Dan Probst of Jones Lang LaSalle, the recession will not hurt green construction. In fact, the new economic climate makes it a necessity.

  • Suffragette City

    The restoration of City Hall in University City, Mo., not only aimed to reclaim the building's Beaux Arts past but also to establish its energy-efficient future.

  • Book Excerpt: Big Box Reuse

    As stores like Wal-Mart and Kmart leave one large structure for a larger one, communities around the country are finding creative uses for the buildings left behind. An excerpt from Julia Christensen's new book, Big Box Reuse.

  • Promise vs. Performance: A Deeper Shade of Green

    LEED certification is suposed to free a building from being a drain on our energy resources. But how well do those ratings reflect actual performance?


Local Market

  • Allentown, Pa.

    Visionary planners and developers are turning Allentown, once a steel manufacturing hub, into a cultural and entertainment mecca.



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Other Articles

  • Clips: October 2008

    News briefs from around the world of architecture.

  • Ground Zero Memorial Pavilion Unveiled

  • Stephen Kliment, Architect and Journalist, Dies at 78

  • Pro Bono Gains Traction Among Architects

    A survey of the members of Public Architecture's The 1% project--which asks firms to commit 1 percent of their yearly billable hours to pro bono efforts--and the AIA's creation of pro bono guidelines suggest that architects are increasingly interested in socially responsible work.

  • Libya Open to American Architects

    RMJM Hillier's Global Education Studio director, firm principal Gordon Hood, discusses the first project in Libya by a U.S. practice since full diplomatic relations were restored. The studio is designing a branch campus in Bani Walid for the 7th of October University.

  • End of the Road?

    The Congress for the New Urbanism and the Center for Neighborhood Technology have released a list of the top U.S. places ready for revitalization by replacing deteriorating highways with walkable boulevards and denser development.

  • Farnsworth House Flooded

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House, in Plano, Ill., was flooded with 15 inches of water in mid-September and will likely be closed for the rest of 2008.

  • HOK Sport Is a Free Agent

    The board of HOK Group and the managers of HOK Sport Venue Event, which has been a part of HOK for a quarter century and a wholly owned subsidiary since 2000, have agreed to a transfer of ownership, allowing HOK Sport to become an independent firm.

  • MIT's Ochsendorf, 2008 MacArthur Fellow

    MIT associate professor of building technology John Ochsendorf has received a 2008 MacArthur Foundation fellowship, commonly known as the "genius grant."

  • Stephen Kliment, Architect and Journalist, Dies at 78

    Obituary for Stephen Kliment, former editor in chief of

  • Chandigarh Honors Corbu

    The city in India that represents Le Corbusiert's most completely realized urban vision is seeking UNESCO world heritage status and will open a museum and research center about the architect.





Other Articles


  • The Climatologist: Kent Peterson

    The departing ASHRAE president talks about how architects and engineers need to work together to improve energy usage and interior comfort.


Other Articles

  • Model Citizen

    Inside the office of one of the industry's premier model-makers.

  • Letter From Helsinki

    Public opinion plays a very important role in the Finnish capital's architectural planning.

  • A/V: Celebrating A/V 2008

    The PRO AV Spotlight Awards highlight the best integration of A/V into design

  • How Green Is My Office?

    A director of sustainable design gives her advice on how to reduce your office's environmental footprint.