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  • Stimulus for Students

    We need to do something to make sure that the talent found in the current generation of architecture school graduates doesn't go to waste.

  • We Are Not Amused

    Both supporters of Richard Rogers and supporters of Prince Charles are mistaken in thinking that style is the central issue in the argument over Chelsea Barracks.



  • Aaron Betsky, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Carlos Jimenez, Marion Weiss, and Ralph Johnson

    Annual Design Review

    A new awards program showcasing the best American architecture of the year.



  • The Henkel Headquarters building in Scottsdale, Ariz., brings site-sensitive architecture to the edge of the Sonoran Desert. The flagship project in an as-yet-incomplete, mixed-use development is under consideration for LEED Silver certification.

    Henkel Headquarters

    An office building by Will Bruder+Partners and CH2M Hill anchors a new development in Scottsdale, Ariz.

  • The custom-designed cupcake stand is made from stainless steel supports; fronted by 1/2-inch glass, the cupcakes sit on custom-molded 3form resin panels, each of which has carefully routed inset circles where the cupcakes can rest, ensuring proper spacing.

    More Cupcakes

    This minimalist Chicago bakery designed by David Woodhouse Architects elevates the not-so-humble cupcake to the level of fine art.

  • Thomas Aquinas College

    Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

    Duncan G. Stroik combined careful craftsmanship and several architectural influences to create this traditional chapel on the Thomas Aquinas College campus.


Education Issue

Annual Design Review








Best Practices

  • Joy does not preclude an enterprise from being extremely serious, says Michael Lehrer. For me, joy and gravitas are a necessary yin/yang.

    The Creative Space

    A culture of creativity pervades Lehrer Architects, which offers its staff regular life-drawing classes and maintains a Research and Development Room.

  • Getting your firm clearance to practice in another jurisdiction can mean fulfilling more than just licensing requirements, says attorney Sam Karnes. Some states--including Alaska, Virginia, and Washington--"require you to have certain provisions in the internal operating documents of your company."

    The Multistate Firm

    If your firm is eyeing work in a part of the country other than your own, be prepared to meet demands—including ones you might not expect.


Local Market

  • University of Kentucky Health Services Building Architect: Omni Architects, Lexington. Completion: 2008. Brief: $170 million; winner, AIA Kentucky 2008 Honor Award for Design Excellence.

    Lexington, Ky.

    Although it has struggled with the issue of how to grow without destroying its past, Lexington now has a plan that blends the old with the new.

  • Metro Green Apartments Architect: Perkins Eastman Architects, New York. Completion: 2009. Brief: 50-unit multifamily project is the state??s first LEED Gold affordable housing.

    Stamford, Conn.

    The strength of Stamford's commercial sector is driving a demand for workforce housing, which is helping keep a downtown construction boom moving along.


Pro Bono

  • Students from Philadelphia University designed and built an integrated ramp with a gentler slope, plus a handrail wall, enabling Josh to move about his home with greater freedom and confidence.

    Utilitas, Truly

    Freedom by Design, a five-year-old program run by the AIAS, challenges students to assist those who would benefit most from modest improvements in their surroundings.

  • The Neno Schools Project, in Malawi, is an effort by John McAslan  Partners to develop an inexpensive school prototype for one of Africa's poorest countries. The firm, which has created a deparment for pro bono work, also has projects in Rwanda and Haiti.

    Practicing Goodness

    UK firm John McAslan + Partners has made pro bono a cornerstone of its practice, with projects in Malawi, Rwanda, Haiti, and elsewhere.


Other Articles

  • 2010 Vision

    We ask five experts to predict how their sectors of the AEC industry will fare next year. The upshot: Don't expect a quick turnaround from this recession.





  • Women Rule

    When it comes to learning about sustainability and supporting green issues, the gender gap is clear—and it favors women.

  • If a Tree Falls

    LEED may encourage the use of building materials sourced within a 500-mile radius, but that still results in a lot of unnecessary—and wasteful—transportation. What if architects collapsed that radius?




  • Although he trained as an architect, Jay Popp has spent his three-decade career at the consultancy Lerch Bateswhich has allowed him to work with designers on many buildings around the world. "That's more interesting than working on the same building for a few years," he says.

    Upwardly Mobile

    As long as they’re in working order (and timely enough), elevators don’t get much consideration from their users. That’s because a firm like Lerch Bates has already done the hard thinking.




  • Design For (Public) Life

    A recent architecture graduate goes to work for his county councilman and finds that a design education can solve problems, and mend fences.

  • Critical Disjuncture

    A new collection of Herbert Muschamp's architectural writing reveals a larger purpose behind his partisanship.


Exhibits Books Etc.

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Past P/A

  • The Zero Becomes a Plus

    This Steven Holl and Ellerbe Beckett design changed between winning the award and being built, arguably for the better.

  • Environmental Icon

    The Sea Ranch condominium complex by Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker was hailed as a paradigm of ecologically sensitive design—and remains so today.



Raw Materials

  • 4. First Cuts - For large logs (more than 18 inches in diameter), initial mill cuts usually are made by a "headrig," consisting of a headsaw (may be a band or circular blade), a carriage loader for handling, and a turner to rotate partially sawn logs. "Full-taper" saws cut around a large log to a tapered core to get the outer lumber. "Half-taper" saws cut smaller logs in which quality is similar throughout, orienting the log's pitch so it's parallel to the saw line.

    Western Red Cedar

    The "tree of life" in the Pacific Northwest, rot-resistant cedar is harvested for siding, shingles, decks, and more. We follow its progress from forest to factory.


Other Articles