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  • The Hanley Wood Editorial Staff , photographed in Washington, DC, for Architect Magazine, 11 October 2007.


    After an Illinois appellate court overturned the city's ordinance, we need to stand up for preservation.




Salary Survey


Best Practices

  • Jane Cady Wright, photographed in Norfolk VA, for Architect Magazine, 13 March 2009.

    Get Incentivized

    It's tempting for firms to cut incentives in this economic climate, but great benefits can help retain great staff.


Local Market

  • South Bend, Ind.

    Previously a fur-trading post and factory town, South Bend has redefined itself through intellectual capital, including higher education.


Pro Bono

  • Brightly colored paint and numbers on the stair treads are among the inexpensive measures used to make the space child-friendly.

    Space to Learn

    Hickok Cole Architects help turn a former shoe warehouse into a new home for SED Center.





  • Off Spec

    The NAHB says the best way to kick-start the economy is to build more housing. But we've already got enough right now. Instead, let's make development a smarter, more-sustainable business.




  • Perkins Eastman principal Nick Leahy, the lead designer for the TKTS booth, was taken by the nighttime rendering of Australia-based Choi Ropihas original competition scheme. That image showed a glowing red ribbon of resin plank stairs illuminated by fiber optic lighting. They wrote the short story that inspired the movie, says Leahy of the relationship between the original scheme and Perkins Eastmans newly completed structure. Theyre based on the same concept, but our design is different.

    Tickets, Please

    Perkins Eastman designed a new booth for the ticket selling TKTS booth in New York, with red glowing stairs to sit and watch the city.



  • The Preservationist

    For Chicago architect Gunny Harboe, the preservation and restoration of buildings is about much more than just aesthetics or materials. It's also about culture.


Other Articles

  • New and Improved

    New versions and programs that can help make your job easier.



Books Exhibits Etc.


  • ritzker Prize winners Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, and Jean Nouvel (left to right) consider a question from host Charlie Rose during a taping of The Charlie Rose Show, held in Washington, D.C., in June 2008.

    Fix the Pritzker

    An architectural prize that celebrates the individual genius has its priorities wrong.


Screen Grab

  • Mark Brender, Screen Capture, photographed in Dulles VA, for Architect Magazine, 23 February 2009.

    GeoEye's images of the Earth, taken from airplanes and satellites, offer delight, information, and perhaps even a competitive edge.


Other Articles

  • Downtown Greensburg as it appeared two weeks after a May 2007 tornado (above), and a vision of what the townworking from a master plan developed by BNIMcould look like when the rebuilding is done (above right).

    Greensburg, Truly

    Parcel by parcel, the Kansas town that was reduced to rubble almost two years ago is building a highly sustainable future for itself.


Past P/A

  • Take Me to the Mountain

    A groundbreaking 1971 proposal by Charles Tapley Associates suggested the client not break ground at all.