Table of Contents January 2009



  • No More Surprises

    Profiteers in the home building industry have left the U.S. holding a steaming bag full of unsustainable communities.


P/A Awards

  • Taipei Waterfront

    2009 P/A Award: Taipei Waterfront, by Stan Allen Architect.

  • The Winners

    Brief profiles of the winners of the 2009 P/A Awards.

  • 56th Annual P/A Awards

    This year, the jury struggled through the uncertainty of the economic downturn to rethink what "progress" means for contemporary architecture.

  • Inland Steel Restoration

    2009 P/A Awards honorable mention: Inland Steel Restoration, by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

  • Thunder Stadium

    2009 P/A Award honorable mention: Thunder Stadium, by Office dA

  • Rapidly Deployable Inflatable Containers

    2009 P/A Award honorable mention: Rapidly Deployable Inflatable Containers, by Viraline.

  • Alice Tully Hall

    2009 P/A Awards citation: Alice Tully Hall, by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with FXFowle Architects.

  • Nest House

    2009 P/A Awards citation: Nest House, by Naylor & Chu Architects.

  • Drive-In and Park, Marfa, Texas

    2009 P/A Award: Drive-In and Park, Marfa, Texas by MOS.

  • The Ubuntu Center

    2009 P/A Award: The Ubuntu Center, by Field Architecture.

  • Porchscapes

    2009 P/A Award: Porchscapes, by the University of Arkansas Community Design Center.

  • Bodega Bauer Winery and Vineyard Estate

    2009 P/A Awards citation: Bodega Bauer Winery and Vineyard Estate, by Field Architecture.



Best Practices

  • Growing Leaders

    Jorge Gomez, an ace mentor at NBBJ, offers tips on how to foster your firm's future leaders.


Local Market

  • Rochester, Minn.

    A hotbed of scientific and technological R&D for 150 years, Rochester is a community where opportunity, innovation, and creativity thrive.



  • Green on the Inside

    There's something for architects in that $700 billion bailout package, and it offers incentives for sustainable building and renewable energy.




  • Live Wire Installation

    Oyler Wu Collaborative create a functional staircase made of bent loops of aluminum pipe.



  • Tear Down This Wall

    There are many reasons why building a wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico won't work.




  • Engineering Success

    Ever since the Renaissance, when engineering and architecture split into separate disciplines, the relationship between the two has been plagued by competition and antagonism.


Other Articles

  • Role Models

    Paul Seletsky, a digital design guru at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, looks to the future of BIM.



Books Exhibits Etc.


  • Learning From Black Rock

    The annual Burning Man Festival may only last eight days, but its success is due to smart planning.


Screen Grab


  • The AIA Files

    A new database of AIA history tracks the substantive discussion, resolutions, and debates that have occurred at AIA conventions, beginning with the first recorded meeting in 1867.


Past P/A

  • Bridge to Somewhere

    A 1994 design by James Carpenter: the first in a series of investigations into the fate of past P/A Award–winning projects.