Table of Contents July 2009



  • The Hanley Wood Editorial Staff , photographed in Washington, DC, for Architect Magazine, 11 October 2007.

    Priorities, People

    Priorities of the architecture profession catch up to our publication's mission.



  • Have You Seen Me?

    The subtext of today’s “lost generation” discussion is not the uncertainties in the economy, but queasy misgivings about architecture-school training.

  • The Architect’s Bookshelf

    The National Gallery expands its collection of historic architecture books with the support of Leo A Daly.

  • Is EDAC the New LEED?

    Evidence-based design gets a new cerification. Do all architects need to get it? And will it work with or against LEED?



  • Tiny Lounge

    Looking at the short list of wines at the Tiny Lounge brings an admonition from designer Brad Lynch.

  • Currier Museum of Art

    Ann Beha Architects expands the Currier Museum of Art, doubling the gallery sace and unifying previous additions, all while maintaining the institution's boutique feel.

  • Yankees vs. Mets

    Bradford McKee takes a look at the two new stadiums built for New York's two major league baseball teams, and is surprised by the results.



Best Practices

  • Actionably Eco?

    Arent Fox attorney Stephen Del Percio, LEED AP, breaks down some of the risks green-focused firms face in the nascent realm of sustainable building law.


Local Market

  • Worcester, Mass.

    A leader in biotech/healthcare, IT, and manufacturing, Worcester is revitalizing its core and has $2 billion in redevelopment under way.



  • The Silent Partner

    Toronto-based Adamson Associates is a top-tier architect of record, having partnered with many name-brand designers. But if you haven't heard of them, that's OK. Their work speaks for itself.




  • Glass Link

    James Vincent Czajka creates a 144-square-foot glass connector between two buildings at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.



  • The Future Of the Past

    Sustainability in architecture isn't just about new construction. The preservation and reuse of existing buildings will play an increasingly imortant role, too.




Books Exhibits Etc.


  • Plinth and Crown

    A museum design that speaks to both black America and the global African disapora should be welcomed.


Screen Grab


    The Museum of Modern Art's recently revamped website allows visitors a better way to experience all that the institution has to offer.



  • In her journal and letters, textile designer Gunta St¶lzl explained the nuances of being the only woman teacher at the Bauhaus. It wasn't all dinner parties and Walter Gropius pep talks. Politicsat the school and elsewhereundermined her work, though she did make the weaving workshop profitable. The textiles that didnt land in the cat basket," as St¶lzl feared most of her work would, testify to her talents. In Gunta St¶lzl: Bauhaus Master, excerpts from her letters are strung into a narrative, along with archival photos and images of her work. Hatje Cantz; $45

    Gunta Stolzl at the Bauhaus

    Textile designer Gunta Stolzl was the Bauhaus' sole woman teacher. A new book pairs excerpts from her letters with images of her work.



Other Articles

Past P/A

  • New Life, Old Fabric

    When the 1975 P/A Awards jurors honored the Faneuil Hall Marketplace proposal, they couldn’t have realized how successful the project would be.