Table of Contents March 2009



  • Heroes, Not Stars

    The architectural profession's value system is undergoing an epochal shift from celebratory-based to collaborative-based.



  • Terreform ONE (Open Network Ecology), Brooklyn, N.Y.

    The Brooklyn, N.Y–based nonprofit Terreform 1 was founded on the premise of bringing together science and the built environment, ecology and urbanism.

  • Interboro Partners, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Interboro Partners aims to unite architecture and planning, using the creativity of the former to loosen up the data-heavy world of the latter.

  • cityLAB, Los Angeles

    Dana Cuff and Roger Sherman founded cityLAB in 2006, with the support of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

  • Fletcher Studio, San Francisco

    Harvesting the power of landscape to shape cities.

  • Recession Survival: Pain Management

    The recession has hit everyone hard, and firms are withstanding the pain as best they can. Firm leaders share their coping strategies.

  • Urban Renewal

    Thanks to President Obama's focus on urban places, designers who engage with the city in compelling ways now have a chance to be heard. Four firms make the case for reinventing American urbanism.

  • Fair Play

    A new study of architectural offices in Chicago reveals what factors really make for a diverse, woman-friendly workplace.



  • Old Orchard Woods Condominiums

    A massive Chicago-area condo complex was designed, built, developed, and marketed by one man—architect David Hovey—and his firm, Optima.

  • Portola Valley Town Center

    Siegel & Strain Architects and Goring & Straja Architects used recycled materials—including from a surplus school—when creating a sustainable town center in Northern California.

  • The Grove in Discovery Green

    Page Southerland Page's The Grove restaurant brings well-executed Modernism to a downtown Houston park.



Best Practices

  • The Extra Mile

    Jason Friedman, CEO of Creative Realities, explains the affordable ways for architects to do more for their client.


Local Market

  • Eagle & Phenix Mills Architects: Surber Barber Choate & Hertlein, Atlanta (lead architect); Barnes & Co. Architects, Columbus. Completion: 2009. brief: Mixed-use redevelopment of one of the South¢s largest textile mills.

    Columbus, Ga.

    Fort Benning's expansion is expected to bring in 30,000 new residents to Columbus, leading to a rise in residential, healthcare, and school construction.



  • Christine Astorino, Fathom. December 22, 2008. Pittsburgh, PA. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky)

    Going Deeper

    About 5 percent of what people think and feel is articulated, says Fathom founder Christine Astorino. Her consultancy helps architects comprehend, and design for, the elusive 95 percent.


Other Articles

  • S.F. Hooky

    When not walking the floor of Moscone Center or catching up on CEUs, AIA convention attendees should enjoy some of San Francisco's many diversions.





  • On the Surface

    A new generation of eco-friendly paints can absorb pollution, offer insulation, and even collect solar energy.




Books Exhibits Etc.


  • The Kinks, 1968 - Pete Quaife, Dave Davies, Ray Davies, Mick Avory  (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

    The Bard of Muswell Hill

    In addition to their remembered classics, Ray Davies and the Kinks created a catalog of music about architecture and preservationism in London.


Screen Grab


    The blog Life at HOK reveals a more transparent workplace and showcases the firm's diverse talent.


Past P/A

  • Camera:   DCS660C Serial

    Greening the City

    Conklin & Rossant Architects' Myriad Botanical Gardens brought urban renewal to oklahoma city through green space.


Other Articles

  • Urban Renewal

    On Feb. 19, President Barack Obama signed an order establishing the White House Office of Urban Affairs.