Table of Contents October 2009



  • A Civil Defense

    The results of our climate change survey shows that a surprising number of architects don't believe in global warming.



  • Shaky Foundation

    Energy efficiency is the next frontier of design and construction, but due to underinvestment and the lack of a national agenda, America isn't leading the way to high performance building.

  • The Wide Spectrum of Green

    With sustainability all the rage, it's easy to assume that architects are on board with the Al Gore agenda. But are they? The results of our survey may surprise you.

  • Right Krier, Right Now

    A guiding light of the New Urbanism, Leon Krier proclaims himself an environmentalist in Drawing for Architecture, a new collection of his famous, often satirical "doodles" concerning design.



  • Friends School

    The San Francisco Friends School hired Pfau Long Architecture—a local firm with a commitment to sustainability—to remake the historic Levi Strauss & Co. factory into a center for learning.

  • The multifunction ShoWare Center, located just outside of Seattle, seats 6,100 fans during hockey games and ice shows, and 7,800 people during concerts. The ShoWare Center lettering above the main entrance is actually a reflection of a sign that is installed horizontally below the soffit. While mirrored surfaces tend to be associated with luxe environments--casinos, discos, and boutiques--at the ShoWare Center, the polished stainless steel soffit was an efficient way to amplify the lobby and façade.

    Showare Center

    LMN Architects create a vivid steel and glass arena, highlighted by bright green paths and LEDs, in Kent, Wash., to be used by the local Seattle hockey team and for concerts.

  • The new Traverwood Branch Library in Ann Arbor, Mich., uses wood from nearby ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer in a very local lesson about sustainability.

    Traverwood Branch Library

    Inform Studio incorporated the fallen ash trees killed by the invasive emerald ash borer beetle into its sustainable design for this library branch in Ann Arbor, Mich.



Best Practices

  • Interviews are about more than a potential employers current needs, says HOK senior vice president Rebecca Nolan: Its not just a fit for today, but a fit that has the ability to evolve and grow along with the organization.

    Let’s Talk About It

    The final article in our three-part series for job-seekers covers the interview, a process that can be more than just a Q&A—but only if you’re prepared.


Local Market

  • Roanoke, Va.

    Despite the downturn, Roanoke has maintained a building boomlet over the past couple of years, thanks to healthcare, educational, and cultural projects.



  • Zebra Imaging's holograms for the AEC sector are reflection holograms: When illuminated from above, what first looks like plain black film communicates its 3D effect.

    Now In 3D

    As holograms become easier and cheaper to produce, they could give renderings, physical models, and other forms of visualization a run for their money.




  • Brandhorst Museum

    The 130,000-square-foot Brandhorst Museum’s vibrant façade is all Sauerbruch Hutton.



  • All Together, Now

    For the building profession, collaboration is the key to innovation.





  • Greener By Instinct

    To make our cities greener, we rely for the most part on government action. But added together, individual steps can have a major impact, argues urbanist Alex Krieger.


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Past P/A

  • The Hilltown and the Megastructure

    In 1970 and 1976, a P/A Award was given to two different architects for two different designs for the Art Center College of Design.