Table of Contents Spring-Product-Spec-Guide 2009



  • Smarter Specing

    GreenWizard, a web-based tool set to launch in the fall of 2009, will not only help you find the right sustainable products, it will also help with purchasing and LEED documentation.

  • Futuretech Speculation

    We asked products guru Blaine Brownell, author of the popular Transmaterial book series, to consider how recent scientific breakthroughs might affect the world of architecture.

  • The Virtual Sample Book

    Herman Miller's new materials program, which presents 1,600 samples in 15 books, has created an online counterpart.

  • Green Product? Says Who?

    The research company Air Quality Sciences has released a white paper that compares eight "primary movers" in the marketplace of green products.

  • Industry (Non)Standard

    When Steelcase learned a few years ago that mobile technologies were leading companies to purchase less furniture, it didn't panic. Instead, it created Workspring,



Case Studies

Raw Materials

  • ProspectingFor stone to be extracted from the ground and fabricated for architectural use, the first step is finding deposits that will yield large, roughly cubic blocks that can be cut into smaller blocks, or, more commonly, slabs that are thin and flat. Cylindrical borers drill down as far as 5 meters for sectional samples of stone to determine precisely its properties and its potential to yield commercially viable blocks.

    Carrara Marble

    We visit a quarry that produces Carrara Marble and follow it from extraction through finishing.