Table of Contents February 2010



  • Happy Thoughts

    The Shaw Technology and Learning Center is helping to revitalize North Lawndale.



  • Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

    Global Hospitals: The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

    The globalization of U.S.-style healthcare offers opportunities for design firms (the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is an example), but the strong markets vary when it comes to client and cultural expectations.

  • Preservation is About Neighborhoods

    Futures of the Past

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation is losing longtime president Richard Moe. How has the movement changed under his tenure, and what are its possible futures?

  • PRE  Location  New York and Providence, R.I.  Partners  From left: Daniel Kidd, Aaron Davis, Zachary Colbert, and Leah Meisterlin

    New Practice/Un-Practice

    Jobs are scarce, so many young designers are choosing to strike out on their own. We profile three emerging firms, each with its own unconventional approach to architectural practice.



Best Practices

  • The fellowship program that Moshe Safdie instituted at his firm in 2003 is so important to him that he runs it without regard for the bottom lineeven in a recession. Weve shrunk the office, he says, but not the fellowship.

    Smart Fellow

    By hosting two researchers each year, Moshe Safdie and Associates offers real-world experience with an academic flavor.


Local Market

  • Washington, D.C.

    Although the nation’s capital bought into the “Yes, we can!” mentality, economic pressures have largely stifled private development in Washington, D.C.





  • The roof of the Richmond Oval is made up of large Douglas fir glulam arches, with ribbed panels made from recovered wood devastated by a pine beetle infestation in the interstitial spaces.

    Richmond Oval Roof

    The Vancouver office of Cannon Design created a panelized ribbed wooden roof structure as the crowning glory to the Olympic speedskating venue.



  • The Art of War

    Building is an optimistic act, says Lance Hosey, but since it accounts for 40 percent of U.S. energy use, it’s also a potential accomplice to global conflict.




  • Everything Is Illuminated

    The OLED can be found in many consumer products, including televisions and cell phones. Eventually, if manufacturers get the technology right, it will also be in architectural building materials.




  • How Smart Is Smart Growth?

    Robert Bruegmann reviews "The Smart Growth Manual"—by Andrés Duany and Jeff Speck, with Mike Lydon—and finds mostly good things.


Exhibits Books Etc.

Screen Grab

  • When it comes to skyscraper height, the Web cuts both ways for the council, which tracks 10,000-plus towers across eight categories.

    Much about architecture is subject to debate, but the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has the final word when it comes to height.


Past P/A

  • Providence train station

    Providence in Providence

    The Providence Train Station shows the challenge of building infrastructure before there are any structures to connect to.