Table of Contents July 2010



  • Big Spill,Bigger Cleanup

    Architecture might have an opportunity to push sustainability to become a de jure standard.



  • Chinese pavilion - He Jingtang

    Shanghai Surprise

    At this summer's Shanghai Expo, China's largest city shows off ... and so do the nations of the world, through pavilions that range from sleek to whimsical.

  • I’m an Architect

    Software architects, enterprise architects, information architects: Can title creep be stopped?

  • Brave New Codes

    Promoted by New Urbanists, form-based codes are gaining in popularity around the country. What do they mean for architects?



  • 930 Poydras Street

    Few American cities embody “place” quite like New Orleans, where European, African, and Caribbean traditions are blended in a kind of cultural jambalaya.

  • North Carolina Museum of Art

    Since he became the North Carolina Museum of Art’s director in 1994, Lawrence Wheeler has lobbied for an expansion to the Raleigh, N.C., institution’s 1983 Edward Durell Stone–designed building (completed after his death).

  • One Shelley Street

    The original idea for the new Macquarie Group office at One Shelley Street in Sydney was more akin to a scene from a Pixar movie than to the perception of a modern banking institution.



Best Practices

  • Schemata Workshop co-principal Grace Kim

    Above All, Clients

    If you offer thoughtful service in addition to good design, not only will customers return for more, they'll be your firm's best advocates, too.


Local Market

  • Wilmington, Del.

    Home to many financial companies, Wilmington has been hit particularly hard by the recession. But local architects aren't completely without hope.



  • Architectural Fees: What’s Your Time Worth?

    In the first article of a three-part series on how much architects should charge for architectural fees, we learn why the fixed-fee model has the most traction—not that it's easy to calculate.




  • Structural Column

    The lone column standing in the plaza of Mario Botta's Bechtler Museum of Art is structurally necessary, but its girth is an illusion.



  • Get Surreal

    An insidious brand of surrealism can be found in the way commercial development—golf courses, for instance—treats the environment.



  • The Air stool is the latest addition to Ganda Blascos Plastic collection of indoor-outdoor furniture.

    Gandia Blasco Air Stool

    The Air stool is the latest addition to Gandia Blasco's Plastic collection of indoor-outdoor furniture.

  • Manufactured by Onadis of Spain and distributed in the U.S. by Magnuson Group, Recicla standing waste receptacles are constructed from Syntrewood, 100% recycled material made primarily from plastic.

    Onadis of Spain Recicla

    The Recicla waste receptacle is made up of 100 percent recycled material.

  • Flos Belvedere

    Created by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, Flos' Belevedere outdoor lights use LEDs or metal halide light sources.


Other Articles

  • Shock & Awe

    Architectural Testing Inc.'s Security Research Center ensures that manufacturers' windows and doors can stand up to bullets, mobs, and bomb blasts.




  • Business Philosophy?

    The latest panacea offered by the management-industrial complex is "design thinking," yet architects are mostly nonexistent in discussions about it.


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Past P/A

  • Pilgrimage Point

    For the Hajj Terminal at Jeddah Airport, SOM designed a complex that covers 120 acres and constitutes a landmark of 20th century architecture and engineering.