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    Information and some background about ARCHITECT and Hanley Wood's new media association with the AIA.



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    Our Town, Our Jobs

    Competition among firms has never been fiercer, so when public projects are awarded to out of state practices, local architects don't take it quietly.

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    The Rise and Fall (and Rebirth) of CSD

    How the recession undid CSD Architects, one of Baltimore's oldest design firms, and how the practice made a partial comeback.

  • Anna Dietzsch and Joaquim Rondon of Davis Brody Bond Aedas in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of S£o Paulo, where theyre designing a linear park in collaboration with the city government and a nonprofit group.

    Emerging Market: Architecture Jobs in Brazil

    Architecture jobs in Brazil could be increasing, as the fast-growing country holds opportunities for U.S. architects beyond the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.



  • Foster  Partners effectively designed two buildings in one, each having its own name and material properties: the glassy Fortaleza Hall and the predominantly masonry Commons. Together, they add 60,000 square feet of employee-focused space to the campus. Fortaleza Halls minimal form consists of an elliptical glazed shell and overhanging roof. The structure is supported by 10 steel columns, made from custom-designed hollow steel sections. Inside each column is a downspout, allowing rainwater that collects on the roof to run off without requiring the clutter of an exposed gutter system. And despite conventional wisdom that would dictate putting as much glass as possible between inside and out (the average January low temperature in Racine is 13 degrees), each of the 85 curved panes is single-glazed laminated glass. We were very keen to avoid distortion in the glass, which you get with toughened glass, partner-in-charge Giles Robinson says. Its regular annealed glass, but laminated to deal with any potential failure, and that system introduced onto the framing system produced what we consider the most elegant solution. Each panel is 7-1/2 feet tall and 16 feet wide. The Commons is a much more solid-looking building. Its brick massincorporating employee amenities such as eateries, a wellness center, a bank, a concierge, and a company storecurves around to envelop the east side of the glass pavilion. In contrast to Fortaleza Halls intentional transparency, the Commons is constructed with self-supporting masonry walls made out of Kasota stone from the same quarry that Frank Lloyd Wright used for the copings of his Administration Building. I think we were very conscious that we didnt want to mimic or ape the Wright building, Robinson adds, but we did introduce the bull-nose curves on the end of The Commons that have a resonance to [Wrights] architecture.

    Fortaleza Hall

    Foster + Partners' glass pavilion and employee amenities building are the new centerpiece of the historic SC Johnson campus in Racine, Wis.

  • Diana Center at Barnard College

    Diana Center

    The new, innovatively-clad Diana Center reinvigorates and reconnects the Barnard College campus.

  • Border control officers must meet stringent requirements, such as passing regular firearms certification tests. To that end, the program of the border station includes a shooting range. Not required in every GSA border station, this is the only such facility in Maine. The walls and standard lay-in ceiling are clad in an absorbent acoustical foam which has a convex pattern formed into its surface. The back wall, behind the targets, is a bullet trapa surface composed of rubber pellets that collects the bullets and lead and is periodically cleaned out.

    U.S. Land Port of Entry

    A new station on the border of the U.S. and Canada shows that a secure facility can also be well designed.



Best Practices

  • Visioning charrette sounds like a design-related process, but Archimania principal Todd Walker (left) emphasizes that the meeting with clients is not project-related. What is it about? Principal Barry Alan Yoakum explains: We want to get into their business. We want to get in their heads.

    First Things First

    Archimania likes to start new projects with a "visioning charrette." But these sessions aren't about architecture. They're about knowledge—and trust.


Local Market

  • Science City Master Plan Architects: Toro Ferrer Arquitectos and archUD, San Juan; Field Operations, New York. Completion: 2007. Brief: 80-acre development on the University of Puerto Ricos Ro Piedras campus will be built over 20 years and will include R&D, office, hospitality, housing, and civic spaces.

    Puerto Rico

    Commercial development in Puerto Rico has stalled for now, but the Caribbean island is repositioning itself as a hub for healthcare-related R&D.


Other Articles

  • The Virtues of Midsize

    When it comes to managing firm growth, several practices across the country say that hugging the middle has its benefits, boom or bust.

  • In Bradford, England, developer Westfield Group announced plans to enliven an empty 10-acre site (above right)a victim of the recessionbut not before vandals had dubbed it Wastefield.

    Hold This Site

    Stalled city construction sites are coming back to life, thanks to interventions led by designers, developers, and public agencies.




  • The matrix of frames created by the windows scatters reflections on the outside.

    Condominium Curtain Wall

    Behind its veneer of chance, the unitized façade of Jean Nouvel's 100 11th Avenue is about ordered complexity.



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    A new buzzword—"performalism"—has entered the architectural lexicon. But in the context of sustainability, what does it mean?



Other Articles



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    Why They Hate Us

    Jeff Speck, co-author of the recently published "Smart Growth Manual," dissects New Urbanism's critics.


Exhibits Books Etc.

Screen Grab

  • Return on Design is the brainchild of BLT Architects director of marketing, Heidi Thiede, who wanted to move the firm into the social-networking world. I was looking for a way to increase awareness of who we are, she says, and to find out whats important to the community at large. Managing principal Michael Prifti hopes the site will expand possibilities for the profession.

    The social networking site Return on Design, created by Philadelphia-based BLT Architects, homes in on the idea of architecture as a strategic business decision.


Other Articles

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    David Brussat

    The longtime architecture critic of "The Providence Journal," a champion of traditional design, isn’t afraid to assail modernist orthodoxy.


Past P/A

  • Manufacturers Bank, New York

    Bank Check

    SOM's Manufacturers Bank, having survived insensitive alterations, may now face an ignoble future as a big box store.