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  • I Heart St. Louis

    In each of the five proposals to redesign St. Louis' Gateway Arch grounds, there are compelling ideas that deserve consideration no matter who gets the job.



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    Design Camp

    Few high schoolers receive architecture lessons, so how can they know what studying for a B.Arch. is really like? To get an idea, they can attend one of the summer design programs held at a number of U.S. universities. We profile three.

  • Ball-Arnaz Residence, Palm Springs, Calif., 1954 In the early 1950s, when I Love Lucy was one of the most-watched shows on television, its stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz asked Paul R. Williams to create a weekend retreat for them in Palm Springs, where they could relax from their hectic production schedule.

    Mr. Williams

    Paul R. Williams faced down discrimination to become the go-to designer of Hollywood's Golden Age. Now, he stands as a role model for the next, more diverse generation of architects.

  • Facing Up to the Numbers

    For too long, architecture schools shied away from teaching business basics. That’s changing—fast.



  • The entrance to the public parking lot, which houses the 156 city-mandated parking spaces, is tucked beside the main entrance. These two access pointsvehicular and pedestrianare located on Hancock Avenue, at the point where the wood shutter-clad two bedroom units give way to the more residentially scaled townhouses and affordable housing apartments.

    Hancock Lofts

    Koning Eizenberg's Hancock Lofts addresses L.A.'s biggest barrier to greater density, parking, by including it in the building design.

  • View from the North.

    Anchorage Museum

    David Chipperfield Architects designed this museum to reflect the Alaskan landscape—and with a mirrored façade, it does so literally.

  • Skatepark

    Lions Park

    Rural Studio gives students real-world design experience in this Greensboro park. It's also been a lesson in community organizing.



Best Practices

  • When it comes to internships, lawyer Michael Zetlin offers a good guideline: "When you're dealing with an intern, you should make it clear to them that you are not looking at this as an offer or opportunity for full-time employment at the end of the internship period."

    The Unpaid Staff

    Recent standards released by the U.S. Department of Labor bring some clarity to the hiring and use of interns. But it’s still a tricky issue.


Local Market

  • One Theater Square Architect: BLT Architects, Philadelphia. Completion: 2015 (scheduled). Brief: $190 million, 328-rental-unit apartment complex; at 482 feet tall, it will be the citys tallest building.

    Newark, N.J.

    Thanks to efforts by Newark leaders, the Garden State's largest city is undergoing an urban renewal, though it has been slowed by the recession.



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    Risk vs. Reward

    To get new business, firms are devoting more resources to upfront design work. It's a calculated gamble that doesn't always pay off.




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    Superinsulated House

    Dan Rockhill's Studio 804 designed and built a passive house that combines superior insulation and an airtight envelope.



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    Toward Localism

    When it comes to green design principles for architecture, place-based innovation matters, too. Here are five examples.



Other Articles

  • In "Hall of Fragments", a 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale installation designed by the Rockwell Group and Jones|Kroloff, visitors' movements affected the videos continuously projected onto two screens.

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    Through its in-house research division, the Rockwell Group explores the architectural implications of interactive technologies.




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    American Dream

    In form and function, the higher-education campus is the United States' greatest contribution to architecture and urban planning.


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Screen Grab

  • Citiscope co-founder and veteran writer Neal Peirce wants his latest venture, an online news service, to be defined by the quality, not the quantity, of its reportage. "We are not going to force ourselves to have a news story every day," he says.

    The founders of Citiscope, a new online publication, hope to keep tabs on complex urban issues around the globe through serious, on-the-ground journalism.


Past P/A

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    Monumentality in Paradise

    Designed by John Carl Warnecke, a 1960s starchitect, the capitol of Hawaii represents the adaptation of Modernism to ceremonial purposes.