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  • Ned Cramer

    Goose Bumps and Ballyhoo

    When the news seems hopeless, I focus my mind and find solace in the recollection of great design.




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    Somshankar Bose, AIA

    As the lines between local and gloabl practices blur, one architect reports on India's viability in the 21st century.





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    The New Normal, part 1

    Ownership and equity are about more than square footage in today's home. They're about design's value and process, too.



R+D Awards


Best Practices

  • Ray Kogan

    Grow Up

    Building up a firm may be the smartest strategy for recovering from the recession—so long as it’s done the right way.


Local Market

  • National Center for Aviation Training * Architect: Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture, Wichita, Kan. * Total Cost: $42 million * Completion: 2010

    Wichita, Kansas

    Known for its aircraft manufacturing, this Midwestern city has expanded while the rest of the economy has stalled.



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    Recovery Rooms

    Designers are building substance-abuse treatment facilities with an eye toward evidence-based trends and livability.


Other Articles

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    Haunting in Halifax

    Nearly 200 people gathered to hear architectural luminaries at the Ghost 13 conference.

  • FXFowle office karaoke party in the firm's gallery.

    Office Space

    Communication? Space? Organization? All are crucial for a healthy office culture.




CEU Article

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    Managing Up

    By getting involved in politics and making design of value in codes, architects are helping fellow practitioners to be invaluable.


Other Articles

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    Three designers discuss the environmental codes that most affect their work.




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    Revival Redux

    What does Colonial Revival tell us about the modern metropolis?


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Studio Visit

  • Lake|Flato books one annual getaway for the entire firm. "Every year we go to my place on the headwaters of the Nueces River to camp out there. It's a lot of people in tents," Flato says.

    Lake|Flato Architects

    Central Texas's history, architecture, and growth has had an impact on this firm's downtown San Antontio studio and its work.


Other Articles

  • Henry Cobb, FAIA.

    Study in Contrasts

    Once reviled, Henry Cobb’s Hancock tower wins AIA’s Twenty-Five Year Award.


Past P/A

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    Density is Destiny

    This public housing project shows how even the most sophisticated design cannot overcome the problems that come with too much density.


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