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    Deal Maker

    Green architecture is just as important on the other side of the table.




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    Start Your Engines

    Partnering with the Clinton Global Initative, the AIA pledges to create a stalled projects database.



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    Losing Lost Highways

    Architects are assuming a variety of roles in plans to remove obsolete infrastructure.




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    Altruism, Architecture & Disaster

    A new generation of architects is embracing humanitarianism.

  • Architecture to the Rescue

    With the rate of natural disasters seemingly on the rise, the architecture profession is playing a pivotal role in prevention and relief work.

  • Cameron Sinclair

    Can Architecture Save Humanity?

    How Architecture for Humanity tries to help ruined states.

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    Space, Time & Disaster

    A timeline of natural disaster and the decline of civilizations.

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    Sites at Risk

    How prepared are various global hot spots for impending natural disasters?

  • Shigeru Ban

    High Relief

    Can Shigeru Ban's paper architecture change the world?

  • Play It Safe

    Are you prepared? Here are a few ideas for keeping staff and documents safe.

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    Rapid Response

    Architects with an AIA task force established a model for post-crisis planning efforts.




Best Practices

  • David Rockwell

    Do Good

    David Rockwell discusses his firm's pro bono bonafides and how firms can best love their neighbors as themselves.


Local Market

  • Grange Insurance Audubon Center - Architect: Design Group, Columbus - Total Cost: $5.1 million - Completion: 2009

    Columbus, Ohio

    There's more to Discovery City than Ohio State University.



  • Retro Grades

    Benchmarking laws point toward a new industry in retrofitting existing buildings for compliance.



  • Allied Health & Sciences Center ¢ Valley Glen, Calif. ¢ Co Architects - Opened in September 2008, the three-story, 98,000-square-foot facility boasts 131 new rooms, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, rooftop photovoltaics, and energy-efficient lighting.

    Community Colleges

    How does design serve community colleges, higher education’s fastest-growing sector?


Other Articles

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    Career Sampler

    Maine architect Dean Bingham got creative in a stubborn economy and now runs a side business as a chocolate-truffle maker.




  • The longest fins used in the Cloud Wall are 44 feet long, with the shortest fins measuring just 3 feet long. One 40-foot aluminum fin weighs about 400 pounds.

    Zahner Cloud Wall

    A new fabrication studio at Zahner's Kansas City, Mo., plant, uses a screen made of aluminum and glass.




  • Michael L. Prifty

    Dashboard Confessional

    Three views on monitoring systems and the promise that dashboards hold for design.



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    Lights Out

    Cost, performance, and ideology: illuminating the debate over incandescents.


CEU Article

  • Amagerforbraending Plant, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

    Trash as Treasure

    Waste-to-energy incineration plants are spreading across Europe like wildfire. Will the trend catch on in the U.S.?




  • The redesigned World Trade Center will make more efficient use of its Lower Manhattan space than the original site, according to master planner Daniel Libeskind.

    Design After 9/11

    The memorial and plaza—the first features of the World Trade Center to open after the attacks—reveal the politics and psychology imperative to the redesign.


Exhibits Books Etc.

Other Articles

  • In the past, an effort to address serious quality-of-life issues would have been put forward by the city itself. Can that push be privatized? The guggenheim curators (including David van der Leer, shown here) think so.

    David van der Leer

    The Guggenheim curator is transforming the traditional exhibition into a laboratory for urban research.


Past P/A

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    Vision obstructed

    Construction was never completed on the "Slow House" by the then-emerging team of Diller and Scofidio.


Other Articles