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  • The Scapegoat

    The tales of GSA conference excess simply don’t jibe with Robert Peck’s reputation, and they run counter to my own experiences with the agency itself.



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    LEED or Follow

    Following the progress of LEED in total projects, square footage, and news coverage.




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    Capital Partnership

    Connecting place and practice with Janet Bloomberg, AIA, and Richard Loosle-Ortega, RA.




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    The Fixers

    Urban Charrette connects Tampa and the design community.








  • Jonas Hauptman and Seeyond Architectural Solutions combine parametric design with digital fabrication to create interior products.

    The Future Unfolds

    Dissatisfied with the fabrication options available to him, Jonas Hauptman launched Seeyond.


Local Market

  • 38 Commerce - Architect: Integrated Architecture, Grand Rapids - Total Cost: $16 million - Completion: 2010

    Grand Rapids, Mich.

    This traditionally conservative community is shedding its past and moving into its future.


Pro Bono

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    Free to Profit

    With an innovative hybrid business model, Erinn McGurn is ensuring that her pro bono work in Africa has lasting influence.



Other Articles

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    Not Quite Ready for Some Football

    The unpopularity of the Mayor's pitch for a football facility in the city hints at why it could be made to work.

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    Might Makes Height

    Since D.C. can't build up, downtown is building in.

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    If You Build It, They Will Come

    D.C. put the rails before the plan for its streetcar system.

  • Come Together

    For two decades, the Young Architects Forum has helped emerging designers network and grow professionally.

  • Casey Jones, director of Design Excellence for the General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service and for the State Department's Overseas Buildings Operations.

    I Want You!

    Federal design chief Casey Jones explains what you can do for your country—and how you go about doing it.




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    Making Peace

    Tight site constraints and Calgary's inclement weather were not the only challenges Santiago Calatrava faced in designing one of the world's longest clear-spanning helical bridges.


CEU Article

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    Code Green

    The International Code Council has unveiled its latest rulebook and long-awaited green code. Meanwhile, the USGBC is on the cusp of releasing LEED 2012. An overview of what you need to know.


Other Articles

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    Power Players

    The race to harvest solar energy efficiently is rivaled by the struggle to stay on top of new photovoltaic technologies.

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    Building Blocks

    An excerpt from Blaine Brownell’s new book, Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture, examines mineral use.

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    A Light Coat

    New advances turn paint into a pollution filter, a structural sensor, and a source of solar energy.




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    Unbuilt Washington

    The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.


Exhibits Books Etc.

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    For architects looking for that sketchbook experience on an iPad, look no further than the Paper app.

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    Tradition and Invention in Architecture

    Robert A.M. Stern publishes a collection of 26 essays written over the past 43 years.

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    Finn Juhl

    The world celebrates furniture designer Finn Juhl on his 100th birthday; next is an exhibit in Seoul, South Korea. Through Sept. 23.

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    Place Matters

    Taking urban architecture to the airwaves, Katherine Loflin delivers a weekly podcast on placemaking.

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    Piecing Together Los Angeles

    Esther McCoy documented the growth of architecture in L.A. from her bungalow in Santa Monica.

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    Sun Pavilion

    Design firm Generator Studio builds a photovoltaic installation for the 'World's Fair' exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins. Through Aug. 19.

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    The Avenue

    Last year's Avenue, displayed at the AIA National Convention, is now being put together as a house in New Orleans.

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    Freedom's Cap

    In the 1850s, the political climate was just as partisan as now, when politicians helped design and construct the U.S. Capitol Building.

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    'Chinese American Architects in Los Angeles'

    As part of the Pacific Standard Time consortium of exhibits, the Chinese American Museum highlights four architects who helped build L.A. Through June 3.

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    'Ettore Sotsass' and 'Olivetti Connection'

    Ettore Sotsass is getting two retrospectives in Berlin. Through June 23; through June 9.


Studio Visit

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    With projects across the city, Washington, D.C.'s ever-present Core has participated in building the District from the ground up.


Other Articles

  • Eli Meir Kaplan/Wonderful Machine for ArchitectMartin Moeller, Senior Vice Presindent and Curator of the National Building Museum, poses for a portrait on Wednesday, April 18 a the Building Museum in Washington, DC. Moeller curated the exhibit "Unbuilt Washington."

    G. Martin Moeller Jr.

    The National Building Museum curator talks about the influence of the P/A Awards.


Past P/A

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    Audacious Yet Deferential

    Steven Holl's Kansas City art museum project is at once a sensitive addition and a landmark of its own time.



Other Articles