Table of Contents November 2012



  • No Denying

    With extreme weather becoming more and more common, the case for climate change is indisputable. Architects stand on the front line in the war against climate change and extreme weather.






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    Field Survey

    Where are the gaps in preservation education?



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    Frozen Music

    Gain and loss is in our hands when we think about our past.



  • Dan Kinkead (left) of Hamilton Anderson Associates and Dan Pitera of the Detroit Collaborative Design Center helped manage the long-term arm of Detroit Works.

    Mapping Motown

    Detroit Works is unveiling a long-term vision to combat the city’s ills. Two local architects were given the difficult task of getting residents and officials to buy in.

  • On the Inside Looking Out

    Christopher Hawthorne explores this Los Angeles firm's rise and its ambivalent relationship with the City of Angels.



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    Youth Center of Qingpu

    Shanghai-based Atelier Deshaus’s assemblage of pavilions and courtyards creates a human-scaled oasis for children amid the megadevelopments of this expanding Chinese city.

  • The Logan Center comprises a tower and two wings (capped in saw-toothed and green roofs, respectively). The façades are clad not in the traditional Indiana limestone of other university buildings, but in a warmer-toned version that is quarried in Missouri.

    Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts

    Tod Williams and Billie Tsien speak about their first project in Chicago, an arts building at the University of Chicago that pays homage to both the skyscraper and the Plains.

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    Webb Chapel Park Pavilion

    New York–based Cooper Joseph Studio’s new concrete shade pavilion is more than a simple structural canopy, it creates a new sculptural landmark in a public park in Dallas.

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    Zaha Hadid’s new municipal building adds to the architectural renaissance of Montpellier, France, and draws together three public agencies under a single concrete, glass, and gold-louvered roof.

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    Barclays Center

    The new arena at the Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn, N.Y., designed by SHoP Architects, has been the source of much controversy over the past few years. But it now opens to great fanfare.




  • Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand, Norway designed by ALA architects.

    Kilden Curved Façade

    In southern Norway, a performing arts center by Helsinki firm ALA Architects embraces and amazes visitors with a wooden wall that cantilevers to the harbor's edge.



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    Perennials With a View

    By now, many architects can tout the benefits of green roofs, but few know which plants are actually suitable for topping buildings. Here's a guide to help you know your options, to aid you in enhancing your building design.



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    Green Cleansing

    Every product seems to have a sustainable story these days. Environmental Product Declarations were created to vet manufacturers’ claims. Have they been successful?


CEU Article

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    Above the Lot

    Parking garages have recently garnered newfound design acclaim, but their potential to become centers for community gathering and technological trailblazers remains open for exploration.


Other Articles

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    Virtual Design

    With the help of mobile technology, virtual reality offers promising architectural applications, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • BahnhofAlbert France-Lanord09-2008

    Power Hungry

    Data centers are cropping up around the world in modest building shells that belie the around-the-clock activity inside. Using innovative design and planning, architects are helping abate the burgeoning building typology’s appetite for energy.



Other Articles

  • Pedro Gadanho taught at the University of Porto before he was hired at MoMA in December 2011. "9" was his first exhibition for the museum.

    Politics and Prose

    Pedro Gadanho's first MoMA show highlights architecture's political side. But, writes Mark Lamster, his attempt to promote curation as the next criticism is hampered by a less than accessible presentation.


Past P/A

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    Pavilion on a Pedestal

    With a Hudson Valley retreat, Thomas Phifer and Partners updated the early modern ideal of a pure volume in an arcadian landscape.



Other Articles

  • Raphael Sperry, a Bay Areabased architect, has launched a campaign to revise the AIAs code of ethics to ban architects from designing solitary isoltaion cells and death chambers.

    Prison Break

    Raphael Sperry wants to ban architects from designing death chambers and solitary confinement cells. Karrie Jacobs covers whether the architect's campaign can help create a more humane prison system.