Table of Contents September 2012



  • Ave Atque Vale

    In light of Venturi stepping down at his eponymous firm, ARCHITECT editor-in-chief Ned Cramer discusses the importance of Venturi and Denise Scott Brown's work to both the professional and himself.






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    Lines of Inquiry

    An architecture student going where the evidence takes her.



  • Pivot Points

    Adapting prisons for a changing social landscape.




  • Double Whammy

    Only 16 percent of the AIA’s membership is female, and women make up only 17 percent of principals and partners. Would having more women on the other side of the client relationship help?



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    Jujuy Redux

    Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich of P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S and Maximiliano Spina of Maxi Spina Architects influenced developers and pushed contractors to realize a distinctly modern multifamily mid-rise. It's located in a postindustrial neighborhood in Marcelo and Maxi's hometown of Rosario—which...

  • The vivid yellow shell of the new Enzo Ferrari Museum is made from 5,000 extruded aluminum pieces, fitted together with tongue-and-groove joinery by shipbuildersthe same way one would assemble the hull of a ship. The shell is pierced by 10 fins to create computer-controlled skylights that vent warm air during the day.

    Enzo Ferrari Museum

    A new museum in Modena, Italy, exemplifies the paradoxically organic yet technical vision of the late Jan Kaplický of Future Systems.

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    Brooklyn Navy Yard Center

    Workshop/apd and Beyer Blinder Belle restored an 1857 Commandant’s house and added a sleek new addition, breathing new life into the disused industrial site on the Brooklyn waterfront.


Architect 50

  • The ARCHITECT 50

    They are the powerful and the philanthropic, the talented and the profitable. Our fourth annual ranking of U.S. architecture firms answers the question: Who had the best year?

  • Top 50 in Business

    The firms that did the best in our rankings according to net revenue per employee and change in net revenue from fiscal year 2010.

  • Net Revenue

    How the Top 50 firms' revenue changed in 2011 compared to 2010.

  • Top 50 in Sustainability

    The firms that did the best in our rankings according to their commitment to sustainability practices and the green certifications of their projects.

  • Sustainability

    Answers to some questions from the Top 50 firms about their sustainability practices.

  • Top 50 in Design Excellence/Pro Bono

    The firms that did the best in our rankings according to the awards they have won for their design and their commitment to pro bono work.

  • Pro Bono

    The Top 50 firms answer questions related to their pro bono practices.

  • Types of Projects

    We asked the Top 50 firms what types of projects they completed in 2011.

  • Methodology

    Here is the system behind how ARCHITECT magazine determines the results of its annual ranking of architecture firms.

  • Data from the Decline Revealed

    Data from the decline revealed: AIA chief economist Kermit Baker discusses the difficult past few years unveiled by the Institute's 2012 Business of Architecture Report.




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    Arcade Canopy, Goldman Sachs

    To cover a gently bent passageway through New York's financial District, Preston Scott Cohen envisioned an abstract form that soars in many ways.


Other Articles

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    Rio Strides in Green

    One of the most positive and progressive events in Rio this summer didn't grab the media spotlight, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Mahlum Architects specified SIPs in its design for Finn Hill Middle School in Kirkland, Wash. The 116,000-square-foot facility had to be constructed over one summer break.

    Simply SIPs

    Before specifying structural insulated panels in their projects, architects must understand the potential benefits and shortcomings of the system.



Other Articles

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    The Czar

    The work of Santiago Calatrava finds an opulent match in the State Hermitage Museum’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is exhibiting the architect’s models, drawings, and sculptures.


Past P/A

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    Behind the Big Screen

    Designed by Curtis and Davis, New Orleans’s Main Library shows how a classic modern building can adapt to changing needs.