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  • Ned Cramer

    My Liberal Guilt: Buying a Car

    Editor-in-chief Ned Cramer discusses how breaking down and buying a car, after years of not owning one, has provided him with new insights.







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    Health Conscious

    Three universities explore the effects of design on public health.




  • Garratti's School of Ballet in Cuba, which dates to 1961, has sat unfinished for nearly 50 years.

    Defender of the Faith

    Vittorio Garatti’s revolutionary ballet school in Cuba has sat unfinished for nearly 50 years. Now, as Norman Foster prepares for a major renovation, Garatti is trying to preserve his project’s legacy.

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    Hives for Minds

    Student housing has proven to be a safe investment as the economy rebounds. But the next generation of dorms is anything but safe in terms of design.

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    The Exhibitionist

    Iker Gil, the founder of MAS Studio in Chicago, has turned heads with a series of high-profile shows and installations. Zoë Ryan sat down with Gil to discuss his bold ambitions for his adopted city.


P/A Awards



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    Facelift in 3D

    In Mexico City, Rojkind Arquitectos created a sculptural steel façade using local resources and an unfettered imagination.



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    The Rubber Revolution

    About 80 percent of the 300 million tires discarded in the U.S. each year is diverted from landfills and turned into everything from fuel to backfill. But the potential of scrap rubber can stretch even further.


Other Articles

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    Healed Over

    Self-repairing materials can lead to lighter, longer-lasting building components. But does less always mean more?


Past P/A

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    The Heart of Our Cities

    Victor Gruen's 1956 plan for Fort Worth, Texas, while never fully realized, influences that city and many others to this day.