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  • Too Much of a Good Thing

    The current formula for obtaining an architecture license increasingly feels like a recipe for attrition. Has the profession finally arrived at a tipping point where reform is possible?





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    Balancing Act

    What does Obama's reelection mean for the construction industry?



  • Placetailor for AIA

    Tacking Left

    Placetailor suggests a broader model of community practice.




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    On the Docket

    Committing to a leadership role is the task of architects today.



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    Rural Recharge

    Solving the West's worsening water crisis.

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    Mini Chu

    Architectural designer, Gensler

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    Jared Hueter

    Regional Associate Director, AIA Gulf States/Intern, Mathes Brierre Architects

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    The Devoid Tower

    Building tall—and energy efficient—for the city of the future.

  • Maria Gomez

    Designer, Barrio Planners

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    Tarlton Long

    Designer at Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

  • Children of the Revolution

    They’re the most studied generation in world history. They’re a total mystery to their elders. And they’re ready to take on a profession wracked by change. What will the rise of the Millennials mean for architecture?

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    Ryan Tyler Martinez

    Second-Year Graduate Student, SCI-Arc

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    Melissa Bernstein

    Architect, Kling-Stubbins

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    Jimenez Lai

    Founder, Bureau Spectacular/Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

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    Francesca Desmarais

    Director, 2030 Challenge for Products at Architecture 2030

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    St. Louis Ecological Production Line

    A proposal for the former site of Pruitt-Igoe.

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    Ye New Library

    Designing a new building sympathetic to the French Quarter neighborhood in New Orleans.

  • Seven is Enough

    It takes an advanced degree and 8.5 years of internship on average to get licensed. A group of professors, spearheaded by Renée Cheng, thinks it can all be done in seven years.

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    Man of the People

    Was the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer really communist? That depends on whether you ask Americans living north or south of the Equator.

  • The Millennials

    What will this rising generation will mean for the profession of architecture?

  • Four Freedoms Park

    A Vision Deferred

    When an architect dies, it takes special circumstances for the projects left on the drafting board to be realized. But as Louis Kahn’s FDR memorial shows, writes Christopher Hawthorne, the results can be well worth the wait.

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    Development Plan for Ducis, Haiti

    Inspiring bottom-up planning through humanitarian outreach.



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    Rush University Medical Center

    Form follows function in this new Chicago hospital designed by Ralph Johnson of Perkins+Will, and the building’s efficiencies result in an iconic new gateway for the city.

  • The most iconic view of the Villa Tugendhat is from the garden. The massive, nearly 10-by-20-foot glass panel that shields the living room can recess into the floor belowthough originally two smaller panes, it was installed as a single panel during the restoration.

    Miesian Revival

    The restoration of van der Rohe’s 1930 Villa Tugendhat in the Czech Republic brings the house back to its former glory. But the price for this, says Aaron Betsky, is hollow authenticity.

  • The 18-story Tour Totalwhich towers over the surrounding historic fabric of Berlinis the first completed building in the 40-hectare Europacity master plan to the north of the Hauptbahnhof, the citys main train station.

    Tour Total

    Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger discuss their first high-rise project with Ian Volner, which anchors a new 40-hectare development in Berlin.





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    From Waste to Walls

    Mycelium insulation and bioplastics will hit the commercial market soon thanks to a few companies that are developing the next generation of materials from agricultural waste and invasive plants. Three designers weigh in on the uses of their unconventional products.


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    Duradek Forest Floor Ash

    A new color is introduced for Duradek's forest-inspired roofing membrane, which can qualify for LEED credits.