Table of Contents October 2013



  • The Silly and the Profound

    Marshall Berman recently passed away, and Joseph Rykwert has just won the RIBA Gold Medal. Which makes me wonder: What ever happened to architecture theory?








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    Other Voices

    Tapping into the resources of people outside our profession is an essential element of innovation.



  • A detail from the Texas Roadhouse in Bradley, Ill.

    We Deliver

    How the firm of GreenbergFarrow became the one-stop shop for Texas Roadhouse and countless other restaurant and retail chains across America.

  • Making Sense of McMurdo

    OZ Architecture attempts to reinvent a utilitarian science outpost in the wilds of Antarctica.

  • Out of the Shadows

    Rome prize winner Catie Newell has embraced the theme of darkness, creating installations inspired by Detroit’s urban landscape.



  • Weeksville Heritage Center

    A new cultural center in Brooklyn, N.Y., celebrates a forgotten farming village built by emancipated slaves.

  • Eckenberg Gymnasium

    A student center tucked into an existing complex gives A German school its first taste of new design in a half century.

  • Metalsa Center for Manufacturing Innovation

    By blending the natural with the industrial, this Los Angeles–based firm has created a 102,000-square-foot complex in Monterrey, Mexico, for the maker of a product not often in the spotlight: the car chassis.




  • With Flying Colors

    The Italian studio designs a children’s hospital that humanizes and enlivens the sterile medical environment.



  • Active and Alive

    These kinetic products respond to the ever-changing conditions that built environments experience inside and out.


Past P/A

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    The Ruin of the Century

    Winner of a 1973 PA Award, the House of the Century epitomized 1960s counterculture architecture and anticipated the current interest in parametric and sustainable design.



  • A full-color, three-dimensional model made by Mcor Technologies Iris printer, which uses paper as its printing material.

    Print It!

    Capable of creating environments from model size to full scale, multidimensional printing is reshaping architectural design.


Other Articles

  • Esto Gallery: design/buildLAB at Virginia Tech

    Esto photographer Jeff Goldberg shares images of three projects at Virginia Tech, designed and built by students as part of the school’s project-based experiential learning program.