Table of Contents July 2014



  • Not Your Father’s Institute

    The American Institute of Architects is revamping its board, shrinking the roster from about 50 people to no more than 16. And that’s just the beginning.





  • Across the Institute

    Check out these things that are happening in Boston, Charlotte, Lansing, New Orleans, and Orlando.



  • Bid Review

    New AIA design/build resources for a new practice landscape.





  • Delirious World Trade

    Despite the opening of the Sept. 11 Museum, Ground Zero remains a site conflicted in its ambitions and execution.

  • Rem Koolhaas, Hon. FAIA.

    The Cult of Koolhaas

    Rem Koolhaas’s own exhibitions at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale May have missed the mark, but his influence as chief curator brought out the best in the national pavilions.

  • Watershed Design

    MAde Studio is applying its data-driven approach to Detroit, revealing ways that the region’s water systems can influence urban planning.



  • Soft House

    This complex of four performative row houses in Hamburg, Germany, designed by Kennedy & Violich Architecture, builds on years of research, including an R+D Award–winning prototype.


R+D Awards

  • Honorable Mention: Timber Tower Research Project

    Skidmore, Owings & Merrill believes that a high-rise made of engineered wood would be better for the environment. Now they have to convince everyone else.

  • Citation: C-Lith

    Area explores the potential of carbon fiber, a lightweight, high-strength material.

  • Citation: New York City Streetlight

    The Office for Visual Interaction, Thomas Phifer and Partners, and Werner Sobek bring beauty and efficiency to a ubiquitous fixture.

  • Award: Breaking the Mold

    HouMinn Practice creates one-off panels with minimal waste, energy, and material.

  • Award: Afterhouse

    A task force recommended that the city of Detroit demolish 40,000 dilapidated houses to stave off continuing blight. Archolab has a better and more cost-efficient plan.

  • Award: Exo Structural Tower

    Do|Su Studio Architecture founder Doris Sung aims to create smart architecture that can self-assemble.

  • Award: Building Bytes

    DesignLabWorkshop founder Brian Peters brings the simple brick into the age of digital modeling and parametric scripting.

  • Award: NYC Loop

    FXFowle Architects reinvents the phone booth for the 21st century.

  • Award: One Fold

    Patkau Architects creates shelter from sheet metal in one elegant move.

  • The 2014 R+D Awards

    The jury picked nine projects, products, and processes as winners in this year's competition.



Best Practices

  • Behind the Curtain

    American firms are increasingly targeting markets in the former Soviet Union. Here are the challenges—and rewards.


Other Articles

  • How to Structure Your Firm

    The keys to writing an effective position statement and figuring out what kind of firm you want to be.




  • In the Fold

    For Singapore’s National Design Center, SCDA Architects crafted an aluminum-mesh skin to boost the look and performance of the existing space.

  • A Tree Grows in Ontario

    Farrow Partnership Architects created an indoor forest before digital fabrication came of age.



  • Made of Mettle

    From dynamic coatings to geometric mesh, the material's luster and durability adds depth to conventional applications.



Exhibits Books Etc.

  • A Less Brutal Reading

    A new Paul Rudolph monograph offers a fresh take on the architect’s concrete projects.


Past P/A

  • Rising From the Rocks

    The Chapel of the Holy Cross, set on a spectacular cliff above Sedona, Ariz., exemplifies the melding of structure and site.