Table of Contents May 2014



  • Ethics, Geopolitics, and Architecture

    Should architects be held accountable for the politics of their clients or their country? The Royal Institute of British Architects seems to think so.



  • Rosa Sheng

    The chairperson of The Missing 32% Project wants to know why women comprise half of the number of architecture school graduates, but not half of the number of licensed architects.








  • Design Thinking

    What do parking lots, a library, and a Mississippi federal judge have in common?



  • Going Top Down

    Urban-Think Tank, best known for its vertical gyms in the Caracas barrios, has a new strategy for building in Third World slums.

  • The Art of the Aerie

    As a spate of towers rise in New York and elsewhere, many are less than convincing in their vertical uplift. Here’s what contemporary architects have forgotten about building tall.



  • The new business school serves as a gateway to the Rutgers campus, part of a master plan also designed by TEN Arquitectos.

    Rutgers Business School

    The new TEN Arquitectos–designed facility in Piscataway, N.J., is a whip-smart interior study in non-programmed space, but don’t get distracted by the building’s “big move.”

  • Vault House

    Johnston Marklee takes a curvaceous approach to reinventing the beach house paradigm.

  • CityLife

    A new neighborhood is taking shape in Milan, and if the first completed structures—apartments by Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind—are any indication, it could be a model for urban development in the United States.

  • Griaffes walking in front of their wood-slat-clad habitat.

    Zoological Park of Paris

    Bernard Tschumi has reimagined Paris’s beloved but crumbling 1934 zoo in a way that improves the experience for both the visitors and the animals.



Best Practices

  • Mastering the Post-Loss Debrief

    There’s nothing worse than losing a competition that you thought your firm would win. Except for failing to find out why.


Other Articles



  • On a sunny day at the Glen Oaks branch library in New York, passersby can watch the word search emerge from the upper right corner of the parapet, enlarge to full height at noon, and then steadily disappear into the upper left corner.

    Written in Lights

    To highlight the relevance of libraries in the 21st century, Marble Fairbanks created a dynamic skylight that shouts it from the rooftop.

  • A Slanted Perspective

    The Billard Leece Partnership angled long lengths of timber to meet Australia's stringent building code requirement for sunshading.


Other Articles

Past P/A

  • Philadelphia's Municipal Services Building, designed by Vincent Kling, won a First Award in 1962.

    City Offices, Urban Linchpin

    Philadelphia's Municipal Services Building, by Vincent Kling, won high praise for its contribution to broader urban design goals.



  • Midcentury Modern Revival

    The latest pieces to escape the archives of legacy furniture makers are rooted in the mid-20th century. Despite some subtle tweaks, these icons stay true to their designers’ visions.