Table of Contents 2008

  • Beam Serenity IQA Power Unit Central Vaccuum System

    Beam's Serenity IQA Power Unit Central Vaccuum System From Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems includes an electronic user information system.

  • Adagio Hybrid Acoustical Ceiling Panels

    CertainTeed Corp.’s Adagio Hybrid Acoustical Ceiling Panels’ design combines the sound absorption of high-density fiber glass with the soundcontainment qualities of mineral fiber.

  • Tropical Woods Luxury Resilient Flooring

    Amtico International’s Tropical Woods luxury resilient flooring offers four patterns—Brazilian rosewood, merbau, tigerwood and caramel bamboo— that mimic rare rainforest species.

  • BamLoc Strand-Woven “Floating” Bamboo

    Mr. Bamboo Inc.’s BamLoc strand-woven “floating” bamboo flooring for commercial and residential applications is a 100 percent solid strand-woven floor with an interlocking design.

  • SofTrace

    SofTrace from Day-Brite Lighting offers a concealed lamp center panel with efficiency in excess of 95 percent and total luminaire efficacy up to 87 lumens per watt.

  • GreenGlass Fiberglass-Faced Gypsum

    Temple-Inland’s GreenGlass Fiberglass-Faced Gypsum Sheathing is manufactured with recycled content and is resistant to mold, moisture and weather.

  • Accoya Wood

    Titan Wood Limited’s Accoya wood is suited for exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued.

  • REmix Collection

    Shaw Hospitality Group’s REmix Collection features animated patterns and linear motifs found in advertising and art designs of the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Casa California Collection

    Oceanside Glasstile has expanded its Casa California Collection.

  • The Aerix Hand Dryer

    Using 80 percent less electricity than other hand dryers, the Aerix hand dryer from Bradley Corp. can adjust speeds for fast drying or quiet operation.

  • The Hi-Lume LED Driver

    The Hi-Lume LED driver from Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. is a high-performance, universal voltage driver that provides LED dimming from 100 to 1 percent.

  • Sydney Low Profile Toilet

    The Sydney Low Profile toilet from Caroma USA Inc. is designed for installations with space restrictions.

  • Majestic Slate Traditional Tiles

    EcoStar has added 10-inch (254-mm) Majestic Slate Traditional tiles to its line of recycled, synthetic roofing products.

  • SunGuard SN 68 Glass

    Guardian Industries’ SunGuard SN 68 glass has a low-E coating that maximizes energy savings.

  • The VESDA Very Early Warning Smoke Detection System

    The VESDA Very Early Warning Smoke Detection System from Xtral now is available on Big Ass Fans.

  • The Envision Series Outdoor Split Heat Pump

    The Envision Series Outdoor Split Heat Pump for indoor and outdoor installations from WaterFurnace International Inc. offers high operating efficiencies.

  • SOLIS Flushometers

    Sloan Valve Co.’s solar-powered SOLIS Flushometers for water closets and urinals operate with photovoltaic technology.

  • Fluorescent Luminaires

    Lamar Lighting’s Max-E high-performance recessed direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires maximize efficiency and output while maintaining low-glare aesthetic appeal.

  • ENVIRO-300 From Nationwide Chemical Coatings Manufacturers

    ENVIRO-300 from Nationwide Chemical Coatings Manufacturers is a zero-VOC, low-odor, insulating ceramic paint for interior walls, ceilings and trim.

  • Simplified Commercial Photovoltaic Performance

    PV Powered has simplified commercial photovoltaic performance monitoring by offering integrated monitoring solutions from leading PV data-monitoring providers.

  • IES V5.9

    IES V5.9 from Integrated Environmental Solutions enables designers to examine how key design and climate factors influence the sustainable performance of a building.

  • Xorel Embroider

    Carnegie has introduced Xorel Embroider, a textile in which patterns are worked on top of the foundation fabric using decorative stitches and laid threads to add a multidimensional splash of style.

  • 10200 Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

    The GreenCore 10200 solar-powered air conditioner combines photovoltaic technology with DC-engineered air conditioning.

  • The Sunny Island 5048U

    The Sunny Island 5048U from SMA Technology AG provides continuous, off-grid power from renewable sources, like solar, wind and hydroelectric.

  • The Ayurveda Essence Color System

    The Ayurveda Essence color system from AFM Safecoat is a holistic indoor paint color system consisting of 108 mood-enhancing colors in three sets of 36.

  • IntegraClear

    IntegraClear from National Office Furniture is an environmentally friendly, high-performance finish that increases durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

  • Floor Tiles

    AlumaFloor floor tiles are manufactured using recycled 5052 aluminum alloy and can be designed and cut to suit any architectural need.

  • HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R

    HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R from West Development Group are one-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coatings designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam.

  • The ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler

    The ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler from Heat Transfer Products features a high-grade Inconel, load-matching gas burner with a five-to-one turndown ratio to meet variable needs for space heating and domestic hot water.

  • EARTHcrete

    EARTHcrete by Sonoma Cast Stone uses a high amount of recycled materials, such as paper fiber, glass and ceramics, in place of portland cement to make concrete.

  • Wood/Plastic Biocomposite Compounds

    JER Envirotech International has collaborated with the National Research Council of Canada to develop wood/plastic biocomposite compounds using organic fiber byproducts and recycled plastics.

  • Dehumidifier

    Berner Energy Recovery Inc. has introduced a water-source condenser/heat pump option as part of its line of 100 percent outside air TRICOIL and desiccant energy-recovery ventilation systems.

  • B-250 and B-200 Infrared Cameras

    FLIR Systems Inc.’s B-250 and B-200 infrared cameras use picture-in-picture FUSION—the infrared image is overlaid over the corresponding visible image—to allow for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images.

  • Env Software System

    Climate Automation Systems has released its env software system for indoor climate-control optimization of residential and moderate-scale commercial buildings.

  • RainReserve

    Enginuity and Sustain Dane created RainReserve to catch clean rainwater.

  • Polybrite Coatings

    Polyglass USA Kool Roof Solutions’ new Polybrite coatings provide increased energy efficiency, strength, flexibility and protection for any roof system.

  • Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System

    Solatube International Inc. has launched the Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System, designed to extend the hours of daylighting available for interior spaces.

  • Element Fan

    Big Ass Fans’ Element fan for commercial spaces uses a 10-airfoil and winglet design to move air quietly and powerfully while using less than 100 watts of energy.


    CYRO Industries’ ACRYLITE HEATSTOP acrylic sheet is an infrared-reflecting polymethyl methacrylate that limits the amount of heat entering a building.

  • Tensotherm

    Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have partnered to produce Tensotherm, an insulative fabric membrane roof system that uses Nanogel, a light insulation layer, to increase the material’s thermal performance.

  • Energy-Management Lighting

    Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.’s Quantum whole-building lighting- and energy-management solution gives building owners and facility managers control of a building’s lighting system.

  • Ceramic InsulCoat Exterior Wall

    Envirocoatings’ Ceramic InsulCoat exterior wall and roof products contain Cerylium, which helps prevent heat loss and gain and protects against extreme coastal or desert weather conditions.

  • Solar-Water-Heating System

    ELUX America has introduced a solar-water-heating system that reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by not operating with fossil fuels.

  • Aluminum Sunscreen System

    The UNA-CLAD SC-1 extruded aluminum sunscreen system from Firestone Metal Products can be customized with a selection of blade types, outrigger profiles, wall-attachment options and custom-fabrication capabilities.

  • EnerLume-EM

    The EnerLume-EM from Enerlume Energy Management Corp. ensures a ballast draws power for lighting only when it is most efficient.

  • Woven Bamboo Flooring

    EcoTimber’s Woven Bamboo flooring for homes and businesses looks like hardwood and reportedly is harder than than other bamboo flooring products.

  • The PVP30kW Commercial Inverter From PV Powered Inc.

    The PVP30kW commercial inverter from PV Powered Inc. expands module compatibility and increases total system energy harvest.

  • Bamboo Flooring

    Smith & Fong Co., manufacturer of Plyboo bamboo architectural plywood and flooring, has had its products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

  • End-To-End Wireless Building Infrastructure Support

    Johnson Controls has updated its Metasys building-management system to support end-to-end wireless building infrastructure.

  • Industrial-Duty Turbine Ventilator

    GreenRoo, an industrial-duty turbine ventilator, provides an airflow of 5,000 to 10,000 cubic feet (142 to 283 m3) per minute without the use of electricity; the ventilator is powered by wind.

  • EnviroGLAS Products

    EnviroGLAS products are made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

  • Impervia Windows and Doors

    Pella Impervia fiber-glass composite windows and doors are a durable, cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to vinyl and aluminum products. The windows and doors, which feature five-layer Duracast fiber-glass composite material, have earned the Energy Star rating and can save facility owners...

  • Solar Water Heating System

    VELUX’s Solar Water Heating System utilizes rooftop solar panels to harness the sun’s free energy to heat water.The system, which can decrease heating bills 50 to 80 percent, can replace or be added to an existing water-heating system.

  • Soybean Urinals From

    The Waterless Co. LLC’s line of soybean urinals are made from 30 percent soybean resin. The urinals do not require any water.There is no difference in appearance, function or maintenance compared to other waterless urinals.(888) 663-5874 /

  • Scroll Compressor Chillers

    McQuay water-cooled scroll compressor chillers from 30 to 200 tons (27 to 181 metric tons) now are available with R-410A refrigerant, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. The chillers are designed to reduce operating costs for water-cooled, remote air-cooled and...

  • Manufactured Landscape Collection Carpet Tiles

    Tandus’ Manufactured Landscape Collection carpet tiles are manufactured in a 6-foot (1.8-m) pattern repeat, so various surface elements are created without duplication. The 24- by 24-inch (610- by 610-mm) tiles come in different sets of three and can be installed in a non-directional method.

  • Echo Recycled Glass Tile

    Crossville’s Echo Recycled Glass tile for walls, countertops and floors are made from up to 50 percent recycled content.Tiles are available in 15 luminescent colors, three finishes and five sizes.Front and back textures refract light.

  • SolarTrac

    MechoShade Systems’ SolarTrac automatically regulates shades’ positions incrementally throughout a building.Shades are adjusted according to the sun’s position in the sky, the direction of the solar rays and the sun’s intensity.SolarTrac uses solar radiometers to track the sun and microclimatic sky...

  • Emerge Tile From Azrock by Tarkett

    Emerge, a resilient tile from Azrock by Tarkett, is composed of limestone and a polymeric blend composite. With a mix of tone-on-tone base colorations, the multicolor chips add design possibilities by allowing the tiles to pick up colors from the surrounding environment.

  • Full Circle Program

    3form’s Full Circle program creates products to help impoverished people earn income to improve education and living conditions in their communities. Raw materials, such as yarn and bamboo, from Africa, Asia and South America are made into patterns by local artisans. The materials then are sent to...

  • Advanced Vegetative Roof System

    Columbia Green Technologies Inc.’s Advanced Vegetative Roof System is easy to install and maintain.


    American Clay Enterprises LLC has created ENJARRE, a single-coat plaster for commercial and multi-unit residential markets.

  • SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass

    Guardian has added six low-E glass colors, including SunGuard AG 50 and Royal Blue 40, to its SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass products line. Available on three float-glass substrates, the colors save energy by allowing high amounts of visible light into a building while minimizing solar heat...

  • Zero-VOC Exterior Paint

    YOLO Colorhouse has introduced its Outside line, a high-performance, zero-VOC exterior paint in a designer palette that considers changes in natural light during the course of a day.

  • 1000 Series Roof System

    MeTecno USA’s 1000 Series is an insulated, mechanically seamed system ideal for low-slope roofing applications.The panels’ insulation helps keep a building cool, and its washable interior liner provides a reflective surface to reduce indoor lighting requirements.The 42-inch- (1067-mm-) wide panels...

  • COOLWALL Coating Systems

    TEX-COTE’s COOLWALL coating systems are formulated to reflect the sun’s heat and reduce heat build-up on exterior walls. This low-VOC formulation does not change the wall surface’s color.

  • Compact Wind Turbine

    SHINKO’s compact wind turbine, Gentle Breeze, uses the power of the wind to make electricity.

  • Disinfectant And Deodorizer

    Crypton’s Disinfectant and Deodorizer is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to disinfect Crypton Super Fabric—a fabric that resists spills, stains, odors, mold, mildew and bacteria—creating an engineered system of total disinfection.

  • Bradmar No Site Solid Plastic Restroom Door Partitions

    Bradley Corp.’s Bradmar No Site Solid Plastic restroom door partitions eliminate the sight line between the door and pilaster.The partitions are made from 100 percent post-consumer-recycled, 1-inch- (25-mm-) thick, high-density polyethylene,which is waterproof and dent, graffiti and odor resistant...

  • DUROCK Flooring Adhesive

    Designed for bonding wood flooring, tile and stone to subfloor and vertical surfaces, DUROCK flooring adhesive from USG’s tile and flooring division offers superior bond strength and good troweling properties.

  • MK1 Mercury-Free LED Tubes

    MK1 mercury-free LED tubes feature optics, circuitry and thermal management to provide maximum light output with minimum power consumption.The lights replace standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes and can operate in existing fluorescent fixtures.

  • Andalay Solar Panel Technology

    Akeena Solar Inc.’s Andalay solar panel technology combines reliability and aesthetics in all-black panels that look like skylights when installed.

  • Wind Turbine

    Marquiss Wind Power’s rooftop wind turbine has a lower cost per kilowatt hour than solar power.Its patented ducted design and self-stabilization address the challenge of attachment to rooftops. The turbine also has a low installation cost.

  • Fiber Optic Skylight

    The Fiber Optic Skylight by HUVCO Daylighting Solutions comprises an exterior mounted panel containing 64 computer-controlled lenses that focus sunlight into optical fibers.

  • Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

    PortionPac manufactures environmentally responsible cleaning products for the janitorial industry.

  • DryCool ERV technology

    Munters DryCool ERV technology cools and dehumidifies by using a condenser reactivated desiccant dehumidification cycle.

  • Square D Clipsal Area Lighting Panels

    Square D Clipsal Area Lighting Panels from Schneider Electric realize daylight harvesting in individual conference rooms or suites within commercial buildings by combining natural with artificial light.

  • ACFoam CrossVent

    ACFoam CrossVent from Atlas Roofing Corp. is an environmentally friendly polyisocyanurate-foam insulation board designed for use over sloped, unventilated roof decks.


    MeTecno USA’s METENERGY system is a building-integrated photovoltaic installation option that combines UNI-SOLAR thin-film laminates with insulated roofing panels.

  • Brise Soleil Product Line

    Hydro Building Systems’ Brise Soleil product line incorporates thin-film flexible solar modules manufactured by Ascent Solar.

  • Thermal Barrier

    Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ 7250i-UW Series unitized curtainwall system features a polyamide nylon structural thermal barrier.

  • Architectural Glass

    Industries has combined the solar control of Solarban 80 low-emissivity glass with its new blue-green Optiblue glass.

  • Countertops

    A contoured edge profile from VT Industries provides postformed laminate countertops—prefabricated countertops with one to three bends in the laminate—with the look and feel of granite, natural stone or solid surface at a fraction of the cost.

  • Solar Water Heaters

    Heat Transfer has introduced a line of solar water heaters for all solar thermal applications.

  • Green XLamp XR-E LEDs

    Green XLamp XR-E LEDs from Cree Inc. are 70 percent brighter than the company’s previous green power LEDs.

  • Tensotherm

    Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have released Tensotherm, a composite roof system that offers the grace and flexibility of tensile roofing fabrics with the added benefits of an insulation layer.

  • Countertops And Sinks

    New River Concrete Countertops and Sinks are made of sand and gravel from the New River, which runs through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Western Red Cedar Shingles

    Cedar Valley Manufacturing has introduced the 7 1/8-inch (181-mm) exposure to its coastal line of shingle panels that are handcrafted with 1/2-inch- (13-mm-) thick butt-mixed grain Western Red Cedar shingles.

  • Hands Free Urinal

    With hands-free operation, Zurn’s Z5798 ultra-low-consumption urinal system can accommodate 200,000 flush cycles.

  • Zero-To-10-Volt Daylight Dimmer

    Solatube International Inc.’s Zero-to-10-volt Daylight Dimmer provides scene control and time-clock based functionality.

  • The Series 526 Thermal Impact Storefront

    The Series 526 Thermal Impact Storefront from EFCO accommodates 1 5/16-inch (33-mm) insulating glass units for enhanced U-values and impact resistance.

  • Solid Bamboo Flooring

    EcoTimber’s Solid Bamboo Flooring is made with a formaldehyde-free adhesive that does not offgas.

  • Lighting Products

    Lightlink manufactures lighting products from green materials.

  • CoolStar-Coated Surfaces

    CertainTeed Corp. has released 14 low-slope granulated cap-sheet membranes that feature CoolStar-coated surfaces, a reflectant surface for low-slope roofing.

  • Architectural Wood-Veneer-Faced Panels

    Architectural wood-veneer-faced panels from S.J. Morse Co. are fire rated and 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council-certified.

  • OlyBond 500 Green

    OMG Inc. has unveiled OlyBond 500 Green, an environmentally friendly insulation adhesive for roofing professionals. Composed of rapidly renewable resources, the product is odorless and contains no VOCs.

  • Solar-Electric Systems

    SunLink Corp. designs and markets engineered mounting solutions for easily integrating solar-electric systems on flat roofs where maximizing electrical output and minimizing roof impact are paramount.

  • The Prestigio 4 Toilet

    The Prestigio 4 toilet from Mansfield Plumbing uses only 1.1 gallon (4 L) of water per flush and is operated by a pressure-assist, high-performance Sloan Flushmate IV flushing system.

  • Exterior Sunshades

    Exterior Sunshades from Quality Metalcrafts LLC reduce wintertime radiant heat loss and filter the sun's heat and glare.

  • Barrelhouse Heart Pine

    Barrelhouse Heart Pine from JG Architectural Supply is an antique hardwood flooring product that contains 100 percent salvaged/recycled content.