Table of Contents October 2008

  • SOLIS Flushometers

    Sloan Valve Co.’s solar-powered SOLIS Flushometers for water closets and urinals operate with photovoltaic technology.

  • Fluorescent Luminaires

    Lamar Lighting’s Max-E high-performance recessed direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires maximize efficiency and output while maintaining low-glare aesthetic appeal.

  • ENVIRO-300 From Nationwide Chemical Coatings Manufacturers

    ENVIRO-300 from Nationwide Chemical Coatings Manufacturers is a zero-VOC, low-odor, insulating ceramic paint for interior walls, ceilings and trim.

  • Simplified Commercial Photovoltaic Performance

    PV Powered has simplified commercial photovoltaic performance monitoring by offering integrated monitoring solutions from leading PV data-monitoring providers.

  • IES V5.9

    IES V5.9 from Integrated Environmental Solutions enables designers to examine how key design and climate factors influence the sustainable performance of a building.

  • Xorel Embroider

    Carnegie has introduced Xorel Embroider, a textile in which patterns are worked on top of the foundation fabric using decorative stitches and laid threads to add a multidimensional splash of style.

  • 10200 Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

    The GreenCore 10200 solar-powered air conditioner combines photovoltaic technology with DC-engineered air conditioning.

  • The Sunny Island 5048U

    The Sunny Island 5048U from SMA Technology AG provides continuous, off-grid power from renewable sources, like solar, wind and hydroelectric.

  • The Ayurveda Essence Color System

    The Ayurveda Essence color system from AFM Safecoat is a holistic indoor paint color system consisting of 108 mood-enhancing colors in three sets of 36.

  • IntegraClear

    IntegraClear from National Office Furniture is an environmentally friendly, high-performance finish that increases durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

  • Floor Tiles

    AlumaFloor floor tiles are manufactured using recycled 5052 aluminum alloy and can be designed and cut to suit any architectural need.

  • HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R

    HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R from West Development Group are one-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coatings designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Spread The Word

    The co-winners of the “perspectives” category in eco-structure ’s 2008 Evergreen Awards come from very different places.

  • Modeling For Good Performance

    Strategies for conserving energy in tomorrow’s buildings have taken center stage in the push to decrease the environmental impact of the built environment.