Table of Contents September 2008

  • Impervia Windows and Doors

    Pella Impervia fiber-glass composite windows and doors are a durable, cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to vinyl and aluminum products. The windows and doors, which feature five-layer Duracast fiber-glass composite material, have earned the Energy Star rating and can save facility owners...

  • Solar Water Heating System

    VELUX’s Solar Water Heating System utilizes rooftop solar panels to harness the sun’s free energy to heat water.The system, which can decrease heating bills 50 to 80 percent, can replace or be added to an existing water-heating system.

  • Soybean Urinals From

    The Waterless Co. LLC’s line of soybean urinals are made from 30 percent soybean resin. The urinals do not require any water.There is no difference in appearance, function or maintenance compared to other waterless urinals.(888) 663-5874 /

  • Scroll Compressor Chillers

    McQuay water-cooled scroll compressor chillers from 30 to 200 tons (27 to 181 metric tons) now are available with R-410A refrigerant, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. The chillers are designed to reduce operating costs for water-cooled, remote air-cooled and...

  • Manufactured Landscape Collection Carpet Tiles

    Tandus’ Manufactured Landscape Collection carpet tiles are manufactured in a 6-foot (1.8-m) pattern repeat, so various surface elements are created without duplication. The 24- by 24-inch (610- by 610-mm) tiles come in different sets of three and can be installed in a non-directional method.

  • Echo Recycled Glass Tile

    Crossville’s Echo Recycled Glass tile for walls, countertops and floors are made from up to 50 percent recycled content.Tiles are available in 15 luminescent colors, three finishes and five sizes.Front and back textures refract light.

  • SolarTrac

    MechoShade Systems’ SolarTrac automatically regulates shades’ positions incrementally throughout a building.Shades are adjusted according to the sun’s position in the sky, the direction of the solar rays and the sun’s intensity.SolarTrac uses solar radiometers to track the sun and microclimatic sky...

  • Emerge Tile From Azrock by Tarkett

    Emerge, a resilient tile from Azrock by Tarkett, is composed of limestone and a polymeric blend composite. With a mix of tone-on-tone base colorations, the multicolor chips add design possibilities by allowing the tiles to pick up colors from the surrounding environment.

  • Full Circle Program

    3form’s Full Circle program creates products to help impoverished people earn income to improve education and living conditions in their communities. Raw materials, such as yarn and bamboo, from Africa, Asia and South America are made into patterns by local artisans. The materials then are sent to...

  • SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass

    Guardian has added six low-E glass colors, including SunGuard AG 50 and Royal Blue 40, to its SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass products line. Available on three float-glass substrates, the colors save energy by allowing high amounts of visible light into a building while minimizing solar heat...

  • 1000 Series Roof System

    MeTecno USA’s 1000 Series is an insulated, mechanically seamed system ideal for low-slope roofing applications.The panels’ insulation helps keep a building cool, and its washable interior liner provides a reflective surface to reduce indoor lighting requirements.The 42-inch- (1067-mm-) wide panels...

  • Bradmar No Site Solid Plastic Restroom Door Partitions

    Bradley Corp.’s Bradmar No Site Solid Plastic restroom door partitions eliminate the sight line between the door and pilaster.The partitions are made from 100 percent post-consumer-recycled, 1-inch- (25-mm-) thick, high-density polyethylene,which is waterproof and dent, graffiti and odor resistant...

  • MK1 Mercury-Free LED Tubes

    MK1 mercury-free LED tubes feature optics, circuitry and thermal management to provide maximum light output with minimum power consumption.The lights replace standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes and can operate in existing fluorescent fixtures.

  • Wind Turbine

    Marquiss Wind Power’s rooftop wind turbine has a lower cost per kilowatt hour than solar power.Its patented ducted design and self-stabilization address the challenge of attachment to rooftops. The turbine also has a low installation cost.

  • Solar for Everyone

    The sun shines everywhere, and bountiful sunlight could provide the energy to power a skyline dotted with dispersed solar-power plants.

  • Innovations: September 2008

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • True Nature

    Anthony Cortese, ScD, president of Boston-based Second Nature, discusses the important role higher education plays in the green movement.

  • Come Rain or Shine

    Emory University Employs Rainwater Harvesting and Condensation Reclamation