Table of Contents April 2009

  • Outdoor Learning Environments

    Progressive Design Playgrounds' Outdoor Learning Environments extend the classroom into the outdoors, allowing children to explore their surroundings with sight, hearing, touch and smell.

  • Pure Temp

    Pure Temp, developed by Entropy Solutions, is a phase-change technology that is designed to be incorporated into insulation, floors, walls, ceiling tiles and HVAC systems.

  • Parking-Lot Lighting System

    Orion Energy Systems Inc.’s parking-lot lighting system uses fluorescent lamps that reduce energy consumption by 50 percent or more while increasing light levels in comparison to highintensity- discharge lights used in most parking lots.

  • The EnviroReady Roofing System

    The EnviroReady Roofing System from Firestone Building Products Co. LLC can be upgraded with environmental technologies, including photovoltaic and vegetated systems, up to seven years after installation.

  • The Eco-Clear 2003

    The Eco-Clear 2003 by Active Safety Corp. is an edge-lit, photoluminescent, glow-in-the-dark exit sign.

  • Ashland-e Gaia Blends Mosaic Tile From Hakatai

    Ashland-e Gaia Blends mosaic tile from Hakatai comprises 30 to 70 percent glass from bottles and other waste glass.

  • The MRS-Envi-RO 600 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

    Everpure LLC has developed the MRS-Envi-RO 600 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System for commercial buildings.

  • Veneer Wrap

    Contact Industries’ veneer wrap is available in a variety of options, including cherry, alder, sapele, teak and others.

  • Tierra

    Armstrong Ceilings has introduced Tierra, a rapidly renewable acoustical ceiling tile.

  • IntelliStrong

    IntelliStrong is the newest addition to PV Powered’s line of smart-string combiner boxes.

  • Nativebamboo

    Nativebamboo, a new addition to the Nativemesh family of mesh products from GKD, combines natural bamboo with the elegance of woven stainless steel.

  • The EcoPlus And EcoStep Matting Systems

    The EcoPlus and EcoStep matting systems from Crown Mats and Matting are made from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate plastic.

  • Capitol Idea

    During the last presidential campaign, lobbyists took a lot of heat from candidates and the media. The word “lobbyist” conjured images of sneaky special interests cozying up to Washington, D.C., fat cats to push their agendas. In fact, one of the first acts of the new Obama administration was aimed...

  • Climate for Change

    During the past decade, climate change steadily has moved up the political agenda. Now, with a new administration in Washington, D.C., that has demonstrated a clear commitment to action, comprehensive climate-change legislation appears ripe for passage within the next couple of years. As a result...