Table of Contents July 2009

  • Toilet Integrates Sink

    Caroma has introduced the Profile Smart HET, which incorporates a sink into the lid of the toilet tank for increased water savings in the bathroom.

  • Chair Integrates Post-consumer Material

    Otis by Harter from izzy is a hybrid between a side and lounge chair featuring a molded piece of Petra thermoplastic polyester from 100 percent post-consumer material.

  • Architectural Fabric is Recyclable

    Kenafine by Birdair is a recyclable architectural fabric membrane that allows tensile structures to be fully recycled into paper products at the end of their lifecycle.

  • Upholstery Made With Post-consumer Content

    Carnegie has introduced The Bright Side collection of high-performance upholsteries that are woven from 100 percent post-consumer polyester and finished with antimony-free, 100 percent polyester Durab

  • Fan-Coil Units Available Commercially

    Johnson Controls now offers fan-coil units for commercial and light-commercial HVAC systems that are available from 250 to 2,000 CFM, with exposed or concealed cabinets in vertical and horizontal conf

  • Lavatories Made From Bio-Material

    Sloan Valve Co. has released its new Drain Deck and Bio-Deck style SloanStone solid-surface lavatory systems.

  • Glass Panels Have Low-E Coating

    Pittsburgh Corning has expanded its LightWise Architectural Systems to include energy-efficient glass block panels.

  • Roof Hatch Made From Recycled Material

    The Bilco Co.’s new thermally enhanced performance roof hatch is energy efficient and composed of recycled corrosion-resistant aluminum with a fully insulated cover and curb.

  • System Provides Natatorium Dehumidification

    Munters Ventilation Pool unit is an enhanced energy recovery system for natatorium dehumidification.

  • Community Center

    Joel Mills, director of the Center for Communities by Design, shares his thoughts about the role community development can play in creating livable communities and a healthy planet.