Table of Contents March 2009

  • Absolute Zero

    In the ongoing quest to decrease the impact buildings have on the environment, we have begun to hear more about the concept of net-zero-energy buildings.

  • Water Heaters

    McQuay scroll-compressor Templifier water heaters recover waste heat to make it available for space heating and domestic hot water.

  • AQUS Greywater System

    Sloan Valve Co.’s AQUS Greywater System reclaims greywater from bathroom drains and reuses it in toilets.

  • Fabrics

    O Ecotextiles manufactures fabrics for the commercial and residential design industries.

  • Green Roof Waterproofing System

    Green Roof Waterproofing System from Dow Hyperlast comprises a primer, elastomeric membrane and robust wear coat to combine performance with installation and usage flexibility.

  • SofTrace Luminaires

    SofTrace luminaires from Day-Brite Lighting can create energy savings of about 30 percent through a concealed lamp center panel with 95 percent efficiency.

  • Wall Base Colors

    Nora systems Inc. has expanded its nora wall base to 70 standard colors to appeal to designers, architects, contractors and installers.

  • Cool Roof Tile Line

    Eagle Roofing Products’ Cool Roof Tile line for commercial and residential applications reflects sunlight and helps prevent heat transfer into a building, resulting in energy savings and less work for air-conditioning units.

  • Sensor Technology

    EnOcean wireless technology can generate a strong signal from a small amount of energy to power sensor technology for occupancy sensors and lights.

  • UnderFloorSox

    UnderFloorSox from DuctSox is an air-dispersion system designed to reduce thermal decay and improve temperature consistency within the plenum for underfloor-air-distribution systems in retrofit and new-construction commercial buildings.

  • Fusion III

    Fusion III, the newest addition to Chloride’s solid-state lighting family, has a slim ceiling recessed profile.

  • Continuous Vault Skylight System

    Oldcastle Glass Naturalite’s Continuous Vault skylight system is offered in a thermalized version that also prevents air and water leakage.

  • Patterned PVC-Free Upholstery Collection

    CF Stinson’s Patterned PVC-Free Upholstery Collection includes a built-in silver-based, broad-spectrum antimicrobial system that is non-leaching and will not wash off or abrade over time.

  • E Solution Tower Cooling Program

    Earthwise Environmental Inc.’s e solution tower cooling program eliminates hazardous chemical treatments and reduces cooling-tower discharge.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Implementing Geoexchange

    In October 2008, HR 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, passed into law; it included new incentives for geoexchange systems.